Minnesota's Electric Bike Rebate Opens This Summer

Minnesota's Electric Bike Rebate Opens This Summer - GOTRAX

There’s some fantastic news for e-bike fans living in Minnesota: the state will soon offer a rebate on the purchase of new electric bikes. E-bike rebate programs have proven to be extremely popular, with Denver’s wildly popular program running out at lightning speeds and Colorado’s state-wide program using up all of its funds before its end date. Looking at the program details, we don’t expect Minnesota’s rebate program to be an exception to this trend.

The portal for retailers to apply for the rebate has already opened, but riders will need to wait just a bit longer for a chance at big savings on their electric bikes. Applications for the program open on June 5th of this year, with rebates to be distributed in July. Recipients will have two months to purchase a qualifying electric bike through an authorized retailer, receiving their discount at the time of purchase. The rebate covers 50-75% of the cost of the bike depending on the applicant’s income, with a maximum discount of $1,500. Rebate recipients can also put the discount towards qualifying accessories that are purchased alongside the bike. If there are any funds remaining for the year, another round of rebates will be issued in October.

A woman standing by a lake with a GOTRAX Tundra all-terrain fat tire ebike.

This electric bike rebate is an exciting opportunity for all kinds of riders to try an electric ride for the first time. That being said, while the terms of the rebate are fairly generous, the program is somewhat restricted, with only a limited number of rebates available. The program only has $2 million in funding per year, and it’s only set to go for two years; the program will expire in 2026. These kinds of programs are both wildly popular and typically underfunded, so this could be a concerning sign for the Minnesota rebate. Hopefully, if the program shows success, it will be expanded and extended: any opportunity to get more people riding a micro-mobility vehicle is extremely welcome, and they’re especially important for lower-income residents who may not be able to afford an electric bike on their own.

If you just can’t wait to hop on a ride of your own, check out the electric bikes we have on offer. And of course, no matter what or where you ride, remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and always wear a helmet! 

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