Product Overview: The Porter Electric Cargo Bike

Product Overview: The Porter Electric Cargo Bike - GOTRAX

Micro-mobility vehicles like electric bikes are a fantastic way to commute, run errands, or simply explore your local area. But most e-bikes aren’t built for hauling large payloads, limiting riders to what they can fit in a bag or two. That’s why we’ve designed an e-bike capable of carrying both you and anything you need in your day-to-day life. As our very first cargo bike, the Porter is perfect for hauling groceries, gear, supplies, and so much more. We want to highlight what it is that makes the Porter so special, so today, we’re introducing you to our newest e-bike by going over some of its very best features.

The Porter is the ideal e-bike for short rides to the store, daily commutes to the office, or afternoon trips to the park. The Porter is rated to carry a total of 330 pounds (including the rider), and it comes with a convenient frame-welded rear rack to help you get the most out of its high carrying capacity. This makes it great for hauling groceries, supplies, gear, or anything else you couldn’t normally carry on a bike. It can even support a small passenger with the optional seat accessory, letting you take your child with you as you run errands. The seat is sold separately, so if you're interested in outfitting your Porter with this useful accessory, keep an eye out for when it becomes available.

In order to haul your cargo quickly and efficiently, the Porter comes equipped with a 500 watt rear-wheel motor that keeps rides going with plenty of speed, even while the rear rack is loaded up. Meanwhile, its 48 volt, 10.4 amp hour battery ensures that it has enough charge to bring you and your cargo to your destination and back. Plus, thanks to its dual brakes, all of your stops are sure to be smooth, keeping your cargo secure.

A man checking his phone on the GOTRAX Porter electric cargo bike with a dual kickstand and optional kid seat.

When you’re done riding, the Porter’s dual-leg kickstand helps support your bike and anything loaded in it, so you won’t have to worry about your cargo tipping over while the bike is parked. The Porter also features a folding handlebar, making it easier to store, especially in smaller spaces. You won’t even need to bring the bike out of its storage space to charge it: the Porter’s removable battery can be charged anywhere, then placed back into the bike when you’re ready to go.

The Porter is the ultimate utility e-bike. Thanks to its carrying capacity, its stability, and its convenient storage and charging, this bike easily replaces your car on many short trips and commutes: it’s cheaper to purchase and maintain, too. If you find yourself looking for an efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly way to get yourself and your stuff around town, we recommend you give the Porter a try.

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