Sneak Peek: GOTRAX at NASCAR at COTA


We just had a thrilling weekend: on the 23rd of March, we partnered with Daniil Kvyat for the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Circuit of the Americas. The event was full of exciting and adrenaline-pumping moments, and we're so excited to share them with you. We just couldn't wait to show off what we got up to on Saturday, so we're giving you a sneak peek today.

See Saturday's Eye-Catching Ride

We got to see this awesome GOTRAX-wrapped car take to the track and compete in Saturday's race. If you can, you should give the full race a watch: it was truly a spectacle. 

The Driver We Partnered With: Daniil Kvyat

Check out Daniil Kvyat in the GOTRAX racing suit. He's an incredible driver with tons of experience at a number of impressive achievements under his belt, so we were stoked to work with him. We got to meet and speak with him this weekend, and we had a great time.

Nothing Beats the View of the Track

Seeing pictures of the track is one thing, but witnessing the cars race past us was a whole different experience. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to witness it live, but videos still do the race plenty of justice.

What's Coming Next?

This is just a taste of what we got to experience at NASCAR at COTA, so stay tuned for more content. We’ll be putting out new pictures and videos on our socials, in our blog, and through our email newsletter, so keep an eye out for fun content like race footage and an interview with Daniil Kvyat.
The excitement of the track really was like riding a high-speed electric scooter or electric bike, just on a different scale. If you want to get a taste of adrenaline, check out some of our high performance and off-road rides, which we got to take behind the scenes at NASCAR last weekend. And as always, no matter what you ride or where you roam, remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and always wear a helmet!

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