Top Five Reasons to Upgrade to an All-Terrain E-Bike

Top Five Reasons to Upgrade to an All-Terrain E-Bike - GOTRAX

The public was thrilled when e-bikes exploded onto the transit scene, offering a convenient, budget-conscious, and environmentally-friendly solution to liven up daily commutes. More recently, however, these devices are earning significant praise from thrill seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and e-bike experts who have invested in the all-terrain edition of electric bikes. Whether you’re new to the e-bike community or a seasoned pro looking to add some more flair to your fleet, we’ve compiled five important tips to keep in mind as you transition from your standard bike to your e-mountain bike.


1. Fat Tires are Great for Beginners

One of the elements unique to all-terrain e-bikes are thick, wide tires designed to withstand outdoor elements. You’ll feel confident trekking through sand, mud, or snow while enjoying maximum shock absorption afforded by the bike frame’s sturdy foundation. Plus, if you’re new to cycling, you’ll appreciate larger tires, which offer balance, stability, and overall safety. We recommend an easy, comfortable start when it comes to training on an all-terrain bike—this way you’ll minimize risk of injury and discover a comfortable pace on your own terms.


2. Cycle Superstars Will Love the Challenge

If you’re an e-bike aficionado who feels comfortable navigating traffic, communicating with pedestrians, and rounding sharp turns, owning an all-terrain e-bike may be your next major move. These devices introduce a healthy amount of challenge to skilled cyclists. Most notably, the increased weight of the bike requires strength, handling technique, and considerable effort to achieve max acceleration. Intermediate and advanced riders often push the boundaries even further by traversing textured terrains, like sand snow, an activity that quickly transforms into a full body workout. 

3. It’s a Community with Friendly Competition

Not only are e-bikes practical and entertaining, they also offer riders an entire community of new individuals to meet. From e-mountain bike meetups to riding competitions, owning an all-terrain e-bike is a ticket to camaraderie, community, and friendly competition. In fact, some sport associations plan events exclusively for this brand of e-bikes, creating fun routes and trails for riders to conquer.


4. You’ll Enjoy Unlimited Riding Locations

While traveling via e-bike can occasionally limit location options as a result of environmental obstacles, like ice, snow, mud, sand, and water, all-terrain bikes are designed to tackle such impediments with ease. Travel options are unlimited and locations abound when there’s no need to worry about weather, and mountain e-bikes are a wonderful option for individuals who live in regions prone to heavy rain and snow. Remain steady and stable amidst heavy winds, safely glide over hills, and check out new locations thanks to your e-bike’s impressive durability.


5. Spend Time in Nature and Enjoy Scenic Views 

Upon your first ride you’ll quickly realize the difference between standard e-bikes and all-terrain types. While both devices are important transit tools, your mountain e-bike will motivate you to spend more time outdoors. Enjoy picturesque views from new heights and breathe in fresh air as you conquer local sights. Plus, you can pack your two-wheeled companion on your next travel adventure—excitement awaits and all terrain e-bikes are prepared to hit the road with you. 

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