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The GoTrax Glider Electric Scooter Bundle sits on platforms in space

Win the New GOTRAX GLIDER Electric Scooter Bundle for Christmas

Posted: November 30 2017

Have you heard the news from the GOTRAX GALAXY? The lab at the GOTRAX Command Center has been very busy […]

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Trax the robot and various GOTRAX characters look at a screen showing a Black Friday gift guide from the Huffington Post

Huffington Post Ranks the HOVERFLY Hoverboard a Top Black Friday Deal

Posted: November 20 2017

Saving on Black Friday is always fun, but with so many sales going on at once it can be hard […]

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A group of aliens in a space ship with text for the holiday hoverboard guide

Hoverboards: The Ultimate Christmas Buyer’s Guide

Posted: November 17 2017

A short time ago, in a galaxy right next door, a tiny robot named Trax noticed a big problem with […]

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GOTRAX does a radio interview with Dallas Texas station KHYI on Hoverboards ahead of the holiday season

GOTRAX Triumphs in Texas on the All-Star Morning Show

Posted: November 9 2017

Chuck Taylor of KHYI radio’s All-Star Morning Show invited our very own PR Commander Don Stefanovich for a special radio […]

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Two little girls wearing blue and purple spacesuits play with the Women of Nasa lego set with Trax and other GOTRAX characters

Lego Launches New “Women of NASA” Set

Posted: November 7 2017

We’re big fans of Lego products here in the GOTRAX Command Center. The LEGO Group is committed to inspiring the […]

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The HOVERFLY PLUS Tops’s Ultimate Gift List


Holiday shopping can be tough. This is especially true when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a co-worker, […]

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Trax and two other alien robots stand in a purple space ship and watch a kilonova in space

Two Stars Collided and Scientists are Freaking Out!


Astronomers recently discovered the origin of gold and other heavy metals in our galaxy after witnessing a kilonova aka the […]

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Alien and robot characters sit around a campsite on an alien planet while the purple and blue Gotrax mascot Trax stands next to a giant boombox

Hoverboard Q&A Interview with the Late Night Parents Show

Posted: November 3 2017

Our PR Commander Don Stefanovich had a chance to chat with Rich Valdez and Ted Hicks from the Late Night […]

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Trax the purple and blue Gotrax mascot reading a magazine with the headline The Future of Hoverboards is Hear next to other alien characters

The GOTRAX HOVERFLY is the Future of Hoverboards, According to!

Posted: November 1 2017

Are hoverboards the future of personal transportation? We all know the GOTRAX HOVERFLY can provide light-years of cosmic fun, but […]

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Alien Green HOVERFLY XL hoverboard and a Nebula Black HOVERFLY ECO with an assortment of GOTRAX characters

Enter to Win a Free GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL or HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboard!

Posted: October 31 2017

Attention people of Earth: My name is TRAX, your friendly alien ambassador from the GOTRAX GALAXY, and I’m thrilled to […]

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