In the past 5 years, electric bikes as a means of transportation have taken off. The popularity of these electric rideables caught the attention of GOTRAX and we have been developing and perfecting our own electric bikes that thousands of riders currently enjoy. If you’re looking for your own electric bike, and you’re not sure what you need to look out for, we have detailed the most important components you need to consider.



Off Road


Compact electric bikes are ultra commuter friendly, and are recommended for riders who are looking to ride shorter distances, sub 10 miles. 

Cost Effective: The compact electric bikes from GOTRAX are among our most affordable. Riders looking to for an e-bike on a lower budget will love what we have to offer. 

Impaired Mobility: The compact models are also great for riders with imparied mobility. The step through design makes these bikes easy to get in and out of. 

Our compact models also feature cruise control, an easy to read digital display screen, pedal assist, hand throttle brakes, comfortable seats, and rear suspension. 

EBE1 Hero
EBE1 Left
EBE1 Right
EBE1 Hero Alt
EBE1 Electric Bike
EBE1 Handlebars
EBE1 Front Wheel
EBE1 Headlight
EBE1 Rear Wheel

EBE1 Electric Bike

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Our first EBE series e-bike. Built for the short commuters who don't have a lot of room to spare. This foldable bike is ideal for inner-city trips and adventures.
  • 27.9 Miles per Charge
  • 15.5 MPH Max Speed
  • 350 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 36V 7.5aH Battery
  • One-Touch Foldable Frame
Black Endura Hero
Black Endura Left
Black Endura Right
Black Endura Hero Alt
Black Endura Front Wheel
Black Endura Rear Wheel
Black Endura Handlebars
White Endura Hero
White Endura Left
White Endura Right
White Endura Hero Alt
White Endura Front Wheel
White Endura Handlebars

Endura Electric Bike

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The next step. For leisurely rides through the park with a rear storage rack perfect for a small picnic. A step-through design allows for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • 27.9 Miles per Charge
  • 15.5 MPH Max Speed
  • 250 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 36V 7.5aH Battery
  • Step-Through Frame


Commuter-friendly electric bikes are our specialty. GOTRAX has created e-bike models for riders looking to travel short, moderate and long distances. There are a handful of features to consider when shopping for a commuter bike. 

Commute Distance: How far you’re looking to ride will be one of the most important elements you need to consider. Our models can go anywhere from 15 to 50 miles per charge. If you plan to ride your e-bike for the entirety of your commute, you should look into our models that support long distances. Shorter commutes, or commutes that also include other forms of public transportation will do well with our e-bikes that manage well on shorter distances. 

Battery Size: The size of the battery will correspond to greater travel distances. As mentioned, if you are planning to use your e-bike on longer commutes, consider a model with a larger battery capacity. 36 Volts is a great battery size that will support longer distances. 

Tire Size: The tires of your electric bike can make or break your experience. The standard tire size for our models is 26”. Our tires are shock absorbent and wear resistant so that you can enjoy riding without issue. Taller riders will enjoy our 29” tires. 

Commute-Specific Features: Every commuter is different, and that is why all of our models are different. We offer a range of features that are specific to what any commuter may need. These features include hand throttle brakes, pedal assist, high speed capacity, step through designs, fatigue and fracture resistant frames, digital display technology and headlights. 

Teal Emerge Hero
Teal Emerge Left
Teal Emerge Right
Teal Emerge Hero Alt
Teal Emerge Handlebars
Teal Emerge Headlight
Black Emerge Hero
Black Emerge Left
Black Emerge Right
Black Emerge Hero Alt
Black Emerge Handlebars

Emerge Electric Bike

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Ready for the road. Front wheel suspension ensures any potholes or bumps feel like nothing so you can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free ride.
  • 26 Miles per Charge
  • 20 MPH Max Speed
  • 350 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 36V 7.5aH Battery
  • Front Wheel Suspension
Black Alpha Hero
Black Alpha Left
Black Alpha Right
Black Alpha Hero Alt
Black Alpha Front Tire
Black Alpha Rear Wheel
Red Alpha Hero
Red Alpha Left
Red Alpha Right
Red Alpha Hero Alt
Red Alpha Front Wheel
Red Alpha Rear Wheel

Alpha Electric Bike

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29" air filled tires greatly assist the front wheel suspension for a trouble-free ride. The removable 36V 7.5aH battery is simple but convenient feature.
  • 26 Miles per Charge
  • 20 MPH Max Speed
  • 350 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 36V 7.5aH Battery
  • 29" Air-Filled Tires
Black EBE2 Hero
Black EBE2 Left
Black EBE2 Right
Black EBE2 Hero Alt
Black EBE2 Front Wheel
Black EBE2 Headlight
Black EBE2 Handlebars
White EBE2 Hero
White EBE2 Left
White EBE2 Right
White EBE2 Hero Alt
White EBE2 Front Wheel
White EBE2 Headlight
White EBE2 Handlebars

EBE2 Electric Bike

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Our first road e-bike. The second in line in our EBE series nearly doubles the range of our EBE and a top speed of 20mph. It is the ideal commuter e-bike.
  • 50 Miles per Charge
  • 20 MPH Max Speed
  • 350 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 36V 12.5aH Battery
  • Long-Range E-Bike

Off Road/Mountain Bikes

For our outdoor-loving, off road seeking riders, GOTRAX has developed electric bikes that are built to withstand your needs. When looking for an off road/mountain e-bike, we have some features you recommend you consider. 

Top Speeds and Large Motors: Our off roading electric bikes offer uniquely fast speeds, reaching up to 20mph. Adventure seekers can enjoy that these models are built with motors upwards of 500 Watts, allowing these models to go fast and ride strong on whatever terrain you face. 

Suspension: Suspension is everything when it comes to off roading. If you are considering taking your e-bike off of city streets, look into models with stronger suspension. 

Fat Tires: Fat tire e-bikes are great for off-roading. The size of these tires allow for a stable ride on rocky roads and paths. Frames on these tires are a force to be reckoned with. 

Black EBE4 Hero
Black EBE4 Left
Black EBE4 Right
Black EBE4 Hero Alt
Black EBE4 Handlebars
Black EBE4 Front Wheel
Black EBE4 Folded
Black EBE4 Headlight
White EBE4 Hero
White EBE4 Left
White EBE4 Right
White EBE4 Hero Alt
White EBE4 Handlebars
White EBE4 Front Wheel
White EBE4 Folded
White EBE4 Headlight

EBE4 Electric Bike

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Built for the Off-Road. Our first fat-tire, foldable e-bike. Taking some of the best features from our current line-up and putting them all into one incredible ride.
  • 50 Miles per Charge
  • 20 MPH Max Speed
  • 350 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 48V 10aH Battery
  • 20" Air-Filled Off Road Fat Tires
Traveler Hero
Traveler Left
Traveler Right
Traveler Hero Alt
Traveler Headlight
Traveler Front Tire
Traveler Rear Tire

Traveler Electric Bike

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Get more out of your ride. A 30+ mile range and a powerful 48V 10aH battery ensure you'll have a charge for you commute, trips to the park and more.
  • 31 Miles per Charge
  • 20 MPH Max Speed
  • 500 Watt Rear Wheel Motor
  • 48V 10aH Battery
  • Lightweight Frame