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GXL Commuter Scooter

Say hello to the future of commuting! Featuring 8.5” air-filled tires that easily ride over bumps and cracks in your city streets and sidewalks. The GXL is our most powerful scooter yet with a boosted 250-watt motor and a 36v battery, speeding it up to 15 mph for a distance of up to 12 miles. The reinforced frame allows it to support riders up to 220 lbs.

  • 250 Watt Motor
  • 9-12 miles per charge
  • 15.5mph 
  • 8.5" Air-filled tires
  • Weight: 31lbs

Black Selected

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Technology & Features The GXL electric scooter is crafted with a sleek, wireless design so you arrive in seamless style, every time. But you’re not trading in durability and function for style - the GXL electric scooter comes with a fortified frame and specially designed features.


Tires made for Commuting

8.5" PNEUMATIC TIRES absorb the shock of bumpy city streets.

Enhanced Motor & Battery

250W Motor & 36V Battery for increased speed and riding distance.

Portable Design

The GXL features a lever-activated folding frame, it’s portable design make it convenient for people on the go.

2 Speed Settings

Use 1st gear for a comfortable 10mph ride, or kick it into second gear and get the full 15mph experience.

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  Motor 250W 200W 250W 100W
  Max Speed 15.5 MPH 15 MPH 16 MPH 11 MPH
  Distance 12.5 miles 5-7 miles 9 miles 7.4 miles
Tire  Wheel Size 8.5" 6.5" 5.4" 7.5"
Tire  Wheel Type Air Filled Tires Solid Rubber Tires Solid Rubber Tires Air Filled Tires
  Weight Limit 220 lb 220 lb 220 lb 121 lb
  Charging Time 4 hours 4 hours 3 hours 8 hours
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GXL Commuter Scooter

Black Selected

Regular price $299.00 $479.99