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LED Self Balancing Hoverboard. On Sale while inventory lasts.

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Hoverfly Series

The Hoverfly Series is compiled of our classic hoverboards the ECO, ION and the XL. This series is perfect for entry-level riders with all the hoverboards being at an affordable price. If you’re new to riding hoverboards and don’t want to spend a fortune on a hoverboard this is the series for you. All hoverboards in this series are tested and certified to UL 2272 electrical standards. The Gotrax ECO hoverboard is a Gotrax classic. The Hoverfly ION is a cutting edge hoverboard perfect for beginner riders. The XL is Gotrax’s first all-terrain hoverboard. So whether you’re looking to off-road as a beginner or just want a solid board to learn how to ride on this series has a perfect board for every beginner rider. Check out the chart below to see all the details about the Hoverfly series.

SRX Series

The SRX Series is compiled with the next generation of hoverboards with all new features and appearances from our Hoverfly series. This series includes the SRX, SRX A6, SRX PRO, and the SRX MINI. The SRX series has a hoverboard for every rider, ranging from the SRX Mini hoverboard for kids to the SRX PRO equipped with 8.5” Off-Road Tires and 500 Watts of power! The SRX, SRX A6 and SRX PRO all feature a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can safely listen to music while you ride. Check out the chart below to see all the details about the SRX series.

E Series

The E Series includes the GOTRAX E2 and E3 hoverboards and is our high-performance series with the best features and specifications. Both hoverboards in the E Series comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and have an auto self-balancing mode. The body of these 2020 hoverboards is completely redesigned in a unique tech-inspired style. The E2 hoverboard is sure to turn heads with its pulsing LED wheels, LED light bumpers and color-changing headlights. While the E3 is uniquely designed with built-in carrying handles and 8.5” off-road tires. Check out the chart below to view all the details on this high-performance E series!

E-Bikes Comparison Table Desktop E-Bikes Comparison Table Mobile

Choosing The Right Hoverboard

GOTRAX® is constantly developing new hoverboards with exciting features and it can be tough deciding which hoverboard to buy. Above is a comparison chart showing the differences like our Bluetooth hoverboards, All terrain hoverboards and other impressive features. It can also be used to pick out the right hoverboard for kids or hoverboards for adults, make sure to check the weight limit of each model for optimum performance. For adult riders we suggest the SRX PRO, it has the largest motor and if you’re going off-road the all-terrain tires are a must! All GOTRAX hoverboards can support up to 220lbs. The Hoverfly ION is great for kids! It features a self-balancing mode that makes it easy to ride, as well comes in several vibrant and fun colors. While the SRX is a step up with all the features of the ion and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The ECO is our entry model with a classic hoverboard body style that comes at a great price!

Why Buy Hoverboards from GOTRAX?

UL Certified Hoverboards for Sale

Every GOTRAX Hoverboard is tested and certified to UL 2272 electrical safety standards. At GOTRAX our top concern is always producing the safest and highest quality Hoverboards. When you buy a hoverboard from us you’ll feel safe knowing that all our hoverboards for sale are UL certified and our top engineers have tested each product to make sure its safe for you or your kids.

Our Hoverboards have the best features & specs

GOTRAX provides Hoverboards in the most vibrant and unique colors around. We at GOTRAX find it important to allow our customers to be able to pick a unique color that matches their personality and style. Our hoverboards have different mixes of Bluetooth capabilities, mode, and some have all-terrain tires. GOTRAX has a wide variety of hoverboards for kids and adults. GOTRAX hoverboards are built with high-quality materials and can support up to 220 lbs. See details on product pages for more information.

30 Day Returns & 90 Day Warranty

Our #1 mission at GOTRAX Is to provide outstanding customer service. We’re dedicated to working our boots off until every customer is satisfied. Every GOTRAX product comes with a 90-day limited warranty and a 30 day return policy! You can contact our customer service M-F by live chat, email, or phone. Our agents are standing by in Dallas, TX ready to help.

Fast & Free Shipping

GOTRAX provides free shipping Monday-Friday on all hoverboards for sale. GOTRAX provides tracking #’s via email and you can check on your order any time at the bottom of our web page. The GOTRAX website is certified to meet the requirements of an amazon seller-fulfilled prime warehouse and has an impeccable track record. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and USPS to the 48 contiguous states.