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Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard 8.5"

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Introducing the latest high performance hoverboard from GOTRAX, the E3. Take on any terrain or adventure with the Hoverfly E3’s rugged 8.5-inch tough rubber tires! The E3 is uniquely designed with a tech inspired look and built-in carrying handles. Activate the E3’s self balancing mode and the hoverboard will automatically level itself with the ground, making it easier to get on and off the board. The Hoverfly E3 comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so you can safely enjoy music, without dampening the important noises of the world around you. Each Hoverfly E3 is powered by Dual 250 Watt Motors and a 36V Battery for optimum performance.
  • 500 Watt Motor & 36V Battery
  • 8.1 mph
  • Up to 5 miles per charge
  • Self-Balancing Mode & Bluetooth Speakers
  • Built-in Handles
  • 8.5” Tires

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Technology & Features Ride our most rugged hoverboard yet, the Hoverfly E3 is fun for kids but powerful enough for adults up to 220lbs. Featuring 500 watts of power and 8.5” off-road tires, your adventures on the E3 are not limited to sidewalks! This new unique tech-inspired body design features built-in handles making the Hoverfly E3 easier than ever to carry and take with you, wherever your adventures might lead.


Listen to music safely as you ride your self-balancing hoverboard.



This off-road hoverboard features rugged 8.5” tires suitable for the roads, dirt or grass.


Engage this mode and the hoverboard will use it’s internal gyroscope to self-level, making it easier to ride.


The futuristic look of the E3 isn’t the only amazing part of the new body design. The unique body design is equipped with built in handles to carry this rugged hoverboard on all your adventures.


Features blue LED lights both on the side and top of each wheel, and two LED headlights.

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Choosing the Right Hoverboard

You are currently viewing our Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard. The E3 is a high-performance hoverboard, featuring industry-leading Dual 250 Watt motors and a 36v battery. Equipped with 8.5” Off-Road Tires the E3 conquers all terrains. With the E3 you get more out of your hoverboard, the built-in Bluetooth speaker will add a soundtrack to your adventure and the self-balancing mode will make it easy to master! Don't need this much power? Check out the chart below to find the perfect hoverboard for you.

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Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard 8.5"

Gray Selected

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