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Buyer’s Guide: How Much Is a Hoverboard ?


How much is a hoverboard in 2018?

Hoverboards can range from $170 – $800 depending on the type and manufacturer. Gotrax sells the #1 hoverboard on amazon only for only $179. Our Off road hoverboard is available on amazon as well at the low price of $229!

On the Gotrax Website we’re currently running specials on both boards! The Hoverfly Eco is on sale for only $169!


Still need to do some research?

Read our full buyers guide, so you know what specs to compare and what to expect when shopping for a hoverboard!


When Gotrax set out to make a self-balancing scooter we knew right away that the hoverboard could be the perfect tool to help adventurous earthlings explore their world and glide throughout the galaxy, so we decided to build a better option ourselves.

But we didn’t want to make just any old hoverboard. No, Trax set out to make the very best hoverboard in the universe, and the end result was the GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO.

Now, Trax and his team are on another mission: to make buying a hoverboard almost as fun as riding one!

That’s why they put together a guide covering the top 11 things every human, alien, and sentient gas giant should know before setting one foot (or amorphous blob) on a hoverboard.

You’ll learn:

  • What is hands-down THE most important feature to look for in a hoverboard
  • The simple way to make learning how to ride your self-balancing scooter much easier
  • How to know you’re paying a fair price when buying one this holiday season.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to learn about the full fleet of GOTRAX electric rideables and accessories.

1. UL Certification & What Makes a Parent Approved Hoverboard

Safety is key to the GOTRAX GALAXY, and it is the most critical feature to keep in mind when selecting a hoverboard.

When it comes to safety, buying a hoverboard that has UL 2272 certification is an absolute must!

But what exactly does this certification mean and why is it so important?

When hoverboards were first released, a number of users began reporting safety issues with the product.

To address these issues, an independent organization called Underwriters Laboratories (or UL for short) created a national safety standard and testing procedure for all hoverboards. This standard is now widely known as the UL 2272 certification.

"To become UL 2272 certified, all electrical, battery, and charger systems in a self-balancing scooter must be meticulously tested against the UL’s safety requirements."

And this test isn’t just a quick glance to see if a hoverboard looks safe. As part of the certification process, UL assesses everything from the electrical systems inside the hoverboard to the charging instructions included in the user manual.

UL has been a trusted safety consultant for over 100 years, and the company was instrumental in assisting with the public adoption of electricity in the United States during the 19th century.

In fact, there are probably a number of UL-inspected products in your home right now. So, even if you can’t recognize the name, just know that UL is an organization working behind the scenes to make products safer for consumers.

Since safety is the key to the GOTRAX GALAXY, Trax has made sure all HOVERFLY hoverboards are thoroughly tested and certified to UL 2272 electrical safety standards.

Even though UL certification was a no-brainer for Trax, some hoverboard manufacturers have been slow to adopt the UL’s new safety standards. As recently as November 14, 2017, seven hoverboard brands sold in the U.S. were recalled due to safety risks.

But Trax is proud to say that no GOTRAX HOVERFLY hoverboards have ever been recalled thanks to our foremost commitment to the safety of GOTRAX customers.

For additional rider protection, the GOTRAX Command Center also included non-slip foot platforms, rubber bumpers, and system safety features including Auto Shutdown on each board.

GOTRAX even offers a multi-sport CPSC and ASTM certified helmet in youth sizes that’s a perfect add-on when purchasing a hoverboard.

These are the kind of safety features you should always take note of before buying a hoverboard for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

2. Make Sure the Hoverboard Price is Right

A few years ago, you could expect to pay up to $600 for a new hoverboard. And that was before UL certification became the industry norm.

Luckily, hoverboard technology has become safer and more accessible over the years, and hoverboard prices have changed as a result.

All of the GOTRAX HOVERFLY hoverboards are competitively priced despite having the same features as more expensive self-balancing scooters. And with the release of the HOVERFLY ECO at $179, buying a UL certified hoverboard has never been more affordable.

Neptune blue nebula black mars red alien green and pulsar pink versions of the gotrax hoverfly eco hoverboard in space

Even though it’s easier than ever to buy a high-quality hoverboard for a stellar price, you should still do some research to make sure the low price tag includes all the features you want.

For a standard hoverboard, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $200 and even an off road hoverboard should fall under $300.

At the same time, you’ll need to exercise your best judgment in cases where a price seems too good to be true. Ask yourself how reliable the seller is, and furthermore, how accountable are they if the hoverboard doesn’t work as advertised.

3. Buy Electric Rideables From a Brand You Can Trust

One question that we’re frequently asked has nothing to do with the hardware in our rideables and everything to do with our brand.

What makes GOTRAX different from other e-rideable companies? One of the biggest things that sets us apart is our mission.

GOTRAX is on a mission to boost the possibilities for personal transportation and electric rideables.

Our goal is to be a leader and innovator in the e-rideables space, and part of that goal is to provide the best customer service in the galaxy.

Even though our HOVERFLY hoverboards are some of the most affordable self-balancing scooters on the market, we still go above and beyond to deliver stellar customer service a buying experience that’s out of this world.

That includes fast, free shipping on all hoverboards, a 30-day no-hassle return policy, and having our expert Mission Support Specialists available to answer customer questions.

If you ever encounter issues with your GOTRAX hoverboard, our Mission Support Specialists are on-hand to help with whatever you need.

And when you reach out to GOTRAX, your message won’t end up lost in a blackhole. Our Mission Support team is located in our Denver, CO office and you can find their phone number right on our website.

After you purchase, your hoverboard should arrive at hyperspeed thanks to the fact that all GOTRAX HOVERFLYs ship from our Dallas warehouse.

So keep the seller in mind when buying especially during the  holiday season to make sure there are no hiccups when it comes to making sure your gift arrives in time.

4. What Makes a Powerful Hoverboard?

If you’re buying a hoverboard online, it can be difficult to get a sense of technology tucked away inside. But this is what makes the difference between experiencing supernova speeds or suffering from laggy liftoff on your self-balancing scooter.

In general, higher-quality hoverboards will have better motors than low-end products and these motors are what will help you travel further on your self-balancing scooter.

GOTRAX HOVERFLY hoverboards are built with some of the most powerful motors on the market.

The  HOVERFLY XL  comes with dual 350W motors to provide you with top-speed torque as you hoverboard glide through the GOTRAX GALAXY.

The HOVERFLY ECO has dual 250W motors which is still plenty of power to help beginners and kids explore Earth.

Black Hoverfly Plus Hoverboard

5. How Fast do Hoverboards Go?

Max speed is another feature that can vary based on the hoverboard you buy. Always look for a hoverboard with a top speed that is fun but doesn’t compromise rider safety.

Don’t let the slightly less powerful motors on the ECO fool you. It can still reach speeds of up to 7.4 mph just like the rest of the HOVERFLY hoverboards.

Have a need for more speed? If you pair your HOVERFLY XL up to your phone using the GOTRAX app, you have the opportunity to unlock a special Pro Mode.

Once you’ve mastered both Training and Standard Modes, you can enter Pro Mode to remove speed, driving force, and steering sensitivity restrictions. This riding mode is only for experienced hoverflyers and will increase the top speed of your hoverboard to 11.2 mph!

And if you want an even faster rideable when you add the new GOTRAX GLIDER electric scooter to your shopping list. The GLIDER scooter has a top speed of 17mph, so you can glide through the galaxy faster.

glider electric scooter

6. Don’t Let Battery Life Limit Your Fun

The quality of the rechargeable battery inside your hoverboard is very important. After all, what fun is a hoverboard if you can only ride for a few hundred feet before the battery runs out?

Details like battery life and charging time can get buried in a lot of hoverboard listings, so be sure to pay attention to the fine print when buying.

The powerful lithium-ion battery inside HOVERFLY hoverboards can go up to 12 miles before it’s fully discharged.

And don’t worry about getting stranded with a dead battery. The built-in alarm system on each HOVERFLY hoverboard will give you an alert when the battery starts to get low. Giving you plenty of time to return to your base for a recharge.

Plus, fully recharging your HOVERFLY only takes about 1.5 hours, which means you can get back to exploring the GOTRAX GALAXY in no time!

7. Find a Hoverboard that’s Faster to Master

Hoverboards can be a little intimidating if you have zero experience riding one.

After all, there’s no handlebar for you to balance or steer with.

You just hop on the board and let the space-age gyroscopic self-balancing electric scooter technology translate the direction your body tilts into instructions for the board to follow.

While shopping, make sure you select a board that works for both beginners and more experienced riders.

With the HOVERFLY Hoverboard’s quick and easy Training Mode feature, anyone can go from Space Cadet to Space Commander in under 5 minutes flat.

It’s easy to switch from Training Mode to Standard Mode and vice versa on the GOTRAX HOVERFLY.

Training Mode engages a speed restriction that keeps your HOVERFLY from reaching its top speed of 7.4 mph. This is perfect for hoverboard beginners or anyone looking for more experience before speeding up.

Of course, starting in Training Mode isn’t mandatory. If you feel confident getting started without any speed restrictions start your explorations in Standard Mode.

Trax and the spaceflight engineers at the GOTRAX Command Center added the Training Mode as a way to make the HOVERFLY more accessible to new riders.

This way, you can start enjoying your new hoverboard right away while learning at your own speed.

"While shopping, make sure you select a board that works for both beginner and more experienced riders."

Get a HOVERFLY KART to transform your hoverboard into a go-kart and make riding even more intuitive.

With simple handlebar steering and a low-center-of-gravity seat, It’s supersonic quick to learn how to safely operate and navigate your HOVERFLY KART.

8. Choose from Different Cosmic Colors

A lot of hoverboards all look the same, and Trax thinks that’s a shame.

Make your gift extra exciting by picking a hoverboard in a color that will resonate with the recipient.

GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboards come in a wide-variety of cosmic colors with lunar-bright LED lights.

The galaxy is filled with effervescent colors and exhilarating hues, so why should you settle for a hoverboard that doesn’t match your individual style?

HOVERFLY Hoverboards are designed with sleek space-age style and are available in a range of cosmic colors, including Nebula Black, Neptune Blue, Pulsar Pink, Planetary Purple, Mars Red and Alien Green.

Vibrant LED lights add even more fun as you hoverboard glide across the GOTRAX GALAXY like a brilliant star.

And your choice of cosmic colors isn’t limited to HOVERFLY hoverboards. All GOTRAX rideables come in exciting colors for you to pick from.

hoverfly eco hoverboard

9. Add a Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

A built-in Bluetooth speaker can be an extra bonus that makes your gift extra special.

Every space odyssey deserves an epic soundtrack, and you can move through the GOTRAX GALAXY while listening to the music that moves you.

The HOVERFLY PLUS and HOVERFLY XL Hoverboards boast a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

You can connect your hoverboard to your smartphone and play your favorite space jams so you can amplify every HOVERFLY ride.

The combination of lunar-bright LED lights and a built-in speaker means you can take the cosmic fun with you wherever you HOVERFLY.

hoverfly xl hoverboard

10. Connect to Your Smartphone

In addition to your helmet and safety gear, it’s likely that your smartphone will be a trusty companion as you cruise the galaxy on your GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard.

Connect your smartphone to your HOVERFLY PLUS and HOVERFLY XL Hoverboards through the GOTRAX App, and you can unlock exclusive riding features.

Once you’re connected to the app, you can monitor your hoverboard speeds and mileage. You can even turn your board on and off with the push of a button.

Experienced riders can even use the app to tap into a special Pro Mode that increases the max speed, sensitivity and driving force of your hoverboard.

The app is available for both Android and iOS, so you can use it no matter what kind of phone you own.

11. Explore More with Off-Road Ready Tires

Riding environment is another thing to keep in mind when buying a hoverboard as a holiday gift. Unless otherwise stated, you shouldn’t expect a hoverboard to be rideable off-road.

Off-road hoverboards will typically weigh more and have bigger tires than regular hoverboards and these premium features usually come with an increased price.

So if off-road riding is a must-have feature on your gift list, be sure to select a self-balancing scooter that’s up for the task.

The HOVERFLY Hoverboard works best on flat, smooth surfaces, but Trax wanted commanders to be able to explore more of the Earth’s exciting terrains.

If you want the added ability to traverse dirt roads, gravel sidewalks, and grassy lawns then you need to upgrade to an off-road ready hoverboard like the HOVERFLY XL.

hoverboard xl red rocks

What sets the HOVERFLY XL apart are its rugged 8.5-inch rubber tires and heavy aluminum hubs design for tackling thrilling terrains.

This heavy-duty combo gives you the power to galactic glide across new and uncharted terrestrial territories including sand, dirt, gravel, and grass. The high-torque HOVERFLY XL can even climb slopes up to 30 degrees with ease.

The HOVERFLY XL was built by our top spaceflight engineers using high-quality construction and a durable external shield, so you know it was made to last.

Whether you’re shopping for the people you love or picking up a gift for yourself, the number of hoverboard options can quickly become overwhelming and confusing.

And while hoverboards might all look the same, doing a little research and keeping an eye out for the must-have features outlined in this buyer’s guide will help you find the best hoverboard for the very best price.

At GOTRAX, we’ve made it our mission to provide Earthlings with a superior class of hoverboard.

All of our HOVERFLY hoverboards are UL certified, engineered with safety in mind, and loaded with hi-tech features so that will allow you and your family to experience light-years of fun while gliding through the GOTRAX GALAXY.

Shop the entire fleet of GOTRAX products so that you and your entire family can experience light-years of fun while gliding through the GOTRAX GALAXY and if you still have questions on how much do hoverboards cost check out our FAQ section!


QUIZ: How much do you know about hoverboard safety?

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Get the HOVERFLY KART to transform your hoverboard into a galactic go-kart that’s easy for anyone to ride.

The GOTRAX GLIDER is a great electric scooter for older kids and adults who need a space-age way to complete their last-mile commute.

And the GOTRAX HELMET is a must-have for everyone who wants to make every mission safer and prevent unnecessary injuries.

In honor of the holiday shopping season, you can get GOTRAX rideables and accessories at special reduced prices, but only for a limited time!

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