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Child in Wonder Woman-inspired costume rides on GOTRAX Hoverfly

Be a Hoverboard Hero with this DIY Wonder Woman-Inspired Costume


As the princess of a powerful Amazonian tribe, Wonder Woman commands respect wherever she goes.

From the moment she first appeared in the pages of a comic book, Wonder Woman has fought in the name of truth and love against the forces of evil. In 2017, the character leaped onto the big screen and broke a few box office records in her first feature film.

Set a path for adventure this Halloween and create your own Wonder Woman-inspired costume in a few simple steps.

Journey beyond the limits of Paradise Island to win costume contests and scoop up plenty of candy while upholding the principles of justice. Glide through “No Man’s Land” like a true hoverboard hero with the Planetary Purple GOTRAX HOVERFLY. Join up with your family or a fleet of friends and assemble your own Justice League of trick-or-treaters.

"Save the day in your Wonder-Woman inspired costume!"

GOTRAX is making it easy to create a last-minute Wonder Woman-inspired costume with our handy how-to guide, downloadable shopping list, and step-by-step instructions, and tips.

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The world needs hoverboard heroes now more than ever. Channel your inner Amazon warrior on Halloween with this DIY costume inspired by Wonder Woman.

How to Make Your Wonder Woman-Inspired Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman’s costume has changed a bit over the years. Still, the basic design always remains the same, so you’ll have no problem putting this Amazon warrior outfit together.

Here’s everything you need to put together your own Wonder Woman-inspired costume:

  • Scissors 
  • Fabric glue 
  • Yellow felt 
  • White felt 
  • Red felt 
  • Red shirt 
  • Blue skirt 
  • Gold belt 
  • Planetary Purple GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboard 

Step 1: Add a Wonder Woman-inspired symbol to your red shirt

Icons for a red shirt, blue skirt, yellow felt. scissors, and fabric glue

The first thing you need to do is get a few basic clothing items like a red shirt and a blue skirt. Pick clothes that match your style, and feel free to swap out the skirt for shorts or even a pair of tights.

Like other heroes, Wonder Woman has a signature insignia that she wears on her red top. For your DIY costume, you can go with the classic “W” logo or get creative and make your own based on your initials. Just remember to keep things simple.

Once you’ve settled on a logo design, cut the shape out from a piece of yellow felt and use the fabric glue to attach it to the center of your red shirt.

Yellow W on a red shirt

Step 2: Cut out some white stars for the blue skirt

Icons for red felt, white felt, scissors, and fabric glue

Now you can move on to cutting out star shapes from the white felt. Use the scissors to cut out five medium-sized stars and attach them to your skirt with the fabric glue.

While you’ve got the scissors out, cut two smaller star shapes out of the red felt. You’ll use these in the next step for the Wonder Woman-inspired bracelets.

Step 3: Create your Amazon bracelets

Icons for yellow felt, red felt, fabric glue, scissors, and a golden belt

One of the best parts of the Wonder Woman movie was watching the heroine deflect bullets off her magic bracelets.

Measure and cut a length of yellow felt that will fit comfortably around your wrist to start making the bracelets for your Amazon costume. Glue one of the red stars to the center of the fabric. Then, glue the ends of the bracelet together.

Next, put on the golden belt. Your Amazon warrior is ready to go out and save the world!

Step 4: Add a few finishing touches with your remaining supplies

Icons for yellow felt and red felt

If you have leftover yellow felt, you can create your own lasso just like Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

Any remaining red felt can be used to make a simple cape that’ll flow behind you as you zoom through the air like an Amazon warrior superhero.

Complete Your Wonder Woman-Inspired Costume with a Hoverboard

"The world needs hoverboard heroes now more than ever. Channel your inner Amazon warrior on Halloween with this DIY costume inspired by Wonder Woman."

Save the day in your Wonder-Woman inspired costume on your Planetary Purple GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard. Every superhero needs a cool way to get around, and you can even pretend you have your own invisible jet just like Wonder Woman.

All electric, battery, and charging systems in the GOTRAX HOVERFLY are tested and certified to UL 2272 safety standards for self-balancing electric scooters aka hoverboards. For more protection, we added non-slip foot platforms, rubber bumpers, and system safety features including Auto Shutdown.



GOTRAX recommends always wearing an ASTM-approved safety helmet when riding your HOVERFLY.

GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Keep your view unobstructed while riding on the hoverboard so you can see where you’re going at all times.
  • Read the manual before operating your hoverboard the first time and always wear a helmet while riding.
  • Wear sensible shoes and keep any capes away from the wheels of your hoverboard.

How to Get into Character for this Wonder Woman-Inspired Costume

The quickest way to get into character is to watch the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. This film covers Diana’s origin on Themyscira and her first battle against the forces of evil.

Although Wonder Woman’s been a member of the Justice League since 1960, the 2017 film was her first live-action movie. The character also has a cameo in 2016’s Batman v Superman movie where she saves the day from Lex Luthor’s evil Doomsday creation.

Schedule time for a family superhero movie night and watch all of Wonder Woman’s cinematic moments in both films.

You can also check out clips from the original Wonder Woman TV series that starred Lynda Carter to get down the heroine’s classic spin moves.

More Movie-Inspired DIY Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Need more hoverboard costume ideas? GOTRAX has got you covered.

Build a Batman-inspired costume to give your Amazon warrior a partner in crime fighting. Or, choose the dark side with a DIY costume inspired by Darth Vader.

You can also sail the seas as an island princess voyager in this DIY costume inspired by Disney’s Moana. There’s no telling how far you’ll go on your Neptune Blue GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS Hoverboard with built-in Bluetooth® speaker.

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