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March Mania Contest: Free Hoverboard or Electric Scooter


March Mania is finally here! The teams are eyeing their path toward victory, and we’re buzzing with anticipation for the first game to begin. To celebrate the madness, Trax drafted a tournament bracket to win a free hoverboard or electric scooter!

How do you win?

First, vote in our Facebook Poll to select the free hoverboard or free electric scooter you want most.

There are four GOTRAX electric rideables to vote on:

  • HOVERFLY ECO hoverboard
  • HOVERFLY XL hoverboard
  • GLIDER electric scooter
  • GLIDER CADET electric scooter

The electric rideable with the most votes is the prize you could take home in the giveaway.

Second, to win the giveaway, enter your email address  below.

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"Trax Tip: Voting only chooses the e-rideable.
To enter the contest, send your email and retweet below."

Your Free Hoverboard or Electric Scooter Top-Ranking Features

You could win one of these four GOTRAX electric rideables: the HOVERFLY ECO hoverboard, the HOVERFLY XL hoverboard, the GLIDER electric scooter, or the GLIDER CADET electric scooter. Check out their top-ranking features below.

The most popular hoverboard in the GOTRAX galaxy is the HOVERFLY ECO hoverboard. When your favorite team wins, hop on the ECO for victory laps. The ECO has a faster to master operating system that will have you hovering circles around the competition. With a top speed of 7.4 mph and up to 12 miles of hovering on a single charge, the HOVERFLY ECO is a win for the whole fleet.

Rumble your way through this year’s tournament with the GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL hoverboard. The rugged 8-inch tires can handle difficult terrains and steep inclines. The top-ranking dual 350W motors will power you through to the championship rounds. With an easy training mode, the HOVERFLY XL takes you from a hoverboard bench-warmer to team-captain in only 5 minutes.

"You will be flying around the galaxy dunking asteroids into black holes in no time."

The GOTRAX GLIDER electric scooter will fly you to the number one bracket position at a supersonic 17 mph. There’s no practice required with the GLIDER. All you have to do is hop on, kick-start and glide. Unlike most electric scooters, the GLIDER has a quick fold-and-release system that will get you off the bench and in the game in the blink of an eye. You’ll go undefeated as you weave through the competition like they’re in stand-still traffic.

The GOTRAX GLIDER CADET electric scooter for kids is specially designed for our younger commanders (kids 8+). The easy-to-ride design makes this electric scooter perfect for getting to basketball practice or school on time. With a kid-friendly top speed of 11 mph and a 100W motor, your soon-to-be basketball star can cruise confidently on the GLIDER CADET for a ride time of over 7 miles. Simply kick-start, twist the throttle and GO!

Stay Tuned for More Giveaways!

The GOTRAX team is manic about contests and giveaways. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram as we continue to spread the galactic love with the best electric rideables.

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