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Alien Green HOVERFLY XL hoverboard and a Nebula Black HOVERFLY ECO with an assortment of GOTRAX characters

Enter to Win a Free GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL or HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboard!


Attention people of Earth:

My name is TRAX, your friendly alien ambassador from the GOTRAX GALAXY, and I’m thrilled to introduce to you the sparkling brand new GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL and HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboards!

And what better way to release these new hoverboards to the world than by giving them away as prizes in a show of intergalactic goodwill?

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Our Command Center has granted permission to give away one HOVERFLY XL and one HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboard to aspiring space explorers. You can win one of these new self-balancing scooters by entering above.

Don’t forget to gain EXTRA ENTRIES by doing all the actions inside the widget to increase your chances!!

*Must be at least 13 years old to enter contest. Must be living within the Continental United States to qualify for a prize.

Once you enter, increase your odds of winning by sharing and interacting with the contest across social media.

Make Room for the Rugged, Off-Road HOVERFLY XL Hoverboard!

The HOVERFLY XL Hoverboard was inspired by the fascinating diversity of terrains found across planet Earth.

We wanted to give adventurous Commanders the capability to explore dirt roads, gravel sidewalks, and grassy front lawns all in one day.

That’s why we designed the HOVERFLY XL with rugged 8.5-inch rubber tires and heavy aluminum hubs.

The HOVERFLY XL gives you the power to galactic glide across new and uncharted terrestrial territories including sand, dirt, gravel, and grass. This high-torque Hoverboard even allows you to climb slopes up to 30 degrees with ease.

Built to last, the HOVERFLY XL was built by our top spaceflight engineers using high-quality construction and a durable external shield.

"Amplify your GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL with Bluetooth pairing and blast your favorite space jams as you light up the cosmos!"

Save Green with the HOVERFLY ECO Hoverboard!

Words can’t describe the hours of cosmic fun your family can have cosmic gliding across the galaxy on a hoverboard.

And the introduction of the HOVERFLY ECO means that buying a UL 2272 certified hoverboard doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker.

The HOVERFLY ECO has all of the supernova features of our signature HOVERFLY Hoverboard, but at a price that’s easier to afford!

Available in five “Cosmic Colors,” the HOVERFLY ECO features “Lunar bright” LEDs so you can light up the galaxy everywhere you glide.

Combine the budget-friendly price with the HOVERFLY ECO’s Training Mode feature, and you’re left with a high-tech hoverboard that’s easy to budget for and easy to master.

Safety is the key to the GOTRAX GALAXY, so we’ve made sure that all electrical, battery, and charger systems in the HOVERFLY XL and HOVERFLY ECO  are tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards. That way, you can maximize your multiverse fun and minimize worry to none as you cruise through the space-time continuum.

Operating either hoverboard is as effortless as floating in zero gravity, and the super-simple Training Mode feature will help anyone become a hoverboard Space Commander in a matter of minutes.

Whether you win the HOVERFLY XL or the HOVERFLY ECO, you’ll be sure to experience light-years of cosmic fun the moment you step aboard.

Purple and blue robot, the main character of the gotrax brand, rides a hoverboard surrounded by colorful aliens and planets


GOTRAX is on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation into hyperdrive.

Designed by our top-ranking engineers, the HOVERFLY XL and HOVERFLY ECO are two of the latest hoverboards added to the GOTRAX GALAXY’s fleet of top-performing products.

Enter the contest in the widget above for a chance to win your very own HOVERFLY XL or HOVERFLY ECO for FREE today!

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