Say Hello to the Future

Our Mission

1. To provide the best value to our customers by offering effective products at amazing prices

2. To change the future of commuting by making products that are environmentally friendly and an effective alternative to traditional transportation.

3. To free people from the restrictions of traditional transporation, and create a new future of accessible personal transportation

Our Products

Our vision for GOTRAX™ electric rideables is to bring the ultimate value to the consumer. By offering the best specs at an unbeatable price.

GOTRAX™ products can be found on many major marketplaces and retailers including but not limited to; Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many independent dealers. 

GOTRAX™ is committed to creating better and better products. We continually take customer feedback to redesign and improve them.

Our Story

Here’s how we converted one of the largest gas vehicle producing factories to the leading producer of electric vehicles in just 4 short years.

For over 20 years Tao Motors worked to become one of the largest gas vehicle producing factories. Gas vehicles produced under Tao Motors quickly became some of the top selling products in their market. At the time, there was little interest in or knowledge of electric vehicles. 

Driven by the GOTRAX vision of personal electric vehicles being the future of commuting, and backed by Tao Motors the expertise in manufacturing the partnership quickly took off.

Since 2017, GOTRAX has been committed to creating fun, affordable, eco friendly electric rideables that push the possibilities of transportation. In just 4 short years, Tao Motors became a leading producer of electric vehicles, having sold more than 1,000,000 units since its inception. GOTRAX’s growth changed Tao Motors production from almost entirely gasoline powered vehicles, to having their production filled mostly with electric powered vehicles. 

GOTRAX is an American company based in Texas. Our products are proudly manufactured by our long term partner Tao Motors, and Independently Quality Control Checked by a 3rd Party.