GOTRAX Full Faced Motorcycle Helmet (medium)

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UPC: 850010317861 Introducing the GOTRAX Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet - DOT Certified), a full face helmet designed for all types of riders. This helmet has been built to DOT standards to ensure that riders' heads are safe in the case of any incident. The helmet's shell is crafted with premium materials such as Advanced CHIMEI POLYLAC-709 ABS, for maximum strength and durability while also giving a lightweight to the product. The aerodynamic design of this helmet minimizes drag and wind noise while riding. The shell also boasts a closable inlet vent and outlet breath guard, allowing riders to control temperature and humidity within their helmet. Inside the helmet you will find high density Aero-tuned ESP foam liner for safety and comfort. The helmet also boasts removable and washable fabric liners. The no-scratch visor shield is integrated with a no-fog technology to keep riders safe on the road, especially longer into the helmets lifetime.

  • UPC: 850010317861

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Our entry level GXL V2. Re-designed with commuter features at an affordable cost.

One-Touch Folding

Quickly folds down to an ideal size of 15x44x6". Perfect for in the car, at the office, or for use with public transportation.

Digital Display

Our easy to use display features your battery life, current speed, headlight status and more.

Disc Brakes

With the GXL V2 you're in control. Quickly bring your scooter to a stop with the convenient hand operated disc brakes.




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