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Youth Helmet

Safety is the key to GOTRAX. The GOTRAX engineers designed the GOTRAX helmet with high-quality and top-notch safety features.The GOTRAX helmet complies with CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets and ASTM F1492-15 standards for skateboarding & trick roller skating headgear. Make every ride safer and prevent injuries with the GOTRAX HELMET’s peak performance EPS padding technology.Take control of your comfort and feel the difference that comes from a better, more secure fit. Fully adjustable straps and a built-in autodialer allow for quick and precise modifications for an optimal fit and improved protection.
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Technology & Features Get style and multi-sport protection in one package. Choose between are unique colors to find the GOTRAX helmet that’s perfect for you.


CPSC compliant for bicycle helmets, ASTM F1492-15 compliant for skateboarding & trick roller skating.


Expertly engineered ventilation system provides you with continuous cooling airflow.


Carefully contoured padding for dry comfort during peak performance.


Small: 18 3/4" - 20 1/2" - Medium: 20 1/2 - 22" - Large: 22 - 23 1/2in"

Youth Helmet

Black / Small: 18 3/4 - 20 1/2in. Selected

Regular price $14.99 $39.99