Gifting Grandma and Grandpa an E-Bike—A Great Choice this Holiday Season

Gifting Grandma and Grandpa an E-Bike—A Great Choice this Holiday Season - GOTRAX

Great for commuting to work, getting around on a college campus, and saving cash using pedal power as opposed to filling a gas tank. Electric bikes offer the perfect solution to practically anyone who needs to get from point A to point B. Millennials certainly monopolized the movement market at first, renting e-bikes in crowded cities and saving on ride share fees after a late night out, however riding these devices has quickly become a popular pastime amongst the senior community. Perfect for older individuals and retired workers looking to remain active while picking up a new hobby and finding a peer group to hang with, e-bikes offer plenty of benefits to older individuals. Whether you’re on the brink of retirement or interested in giving grandma and grandpa an awesome gift, you can’t go wrong with a surprise that’s bound to improve their budget, mental health, and overall lifestyle.  

  • Prevent Disease & Manage Conditions

Riding an e-bike is considered an aerobic activity, so it offers the body a variety of health benefits such as improved cardiovascular endurance and increased blood flow while thwarting the onset of type two diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, individuals have noticed improved lung capacity, lower blood pressure, and a faster metabolism by frequently riding their e-bike, which can lead to massive improvements in overall health. Despite the electric assistance feature, studies have confirmed that riding an electric bicycle is comparable to riding a traditional bike when it comes to improved cardiorespiratory fitness, as e-bikers are able to reach higher speeds. 

  • Excellent Fitness Option for Aging Adults

In addition to health and disease management, e-bikes offer older individuals a gentle way to move their body without creating unnecessary strain or exacerbating current injuries. Many seniors live a more sedentary lifestyle, because it’s challenging to find an exercise option that’s flexible with regards to their fitness level. Because e-bikes offer a pedal-assist feature, allowing individuals to build up their strength, stamina, and motivation with every ride, they make a great option for older individuals who are working toward a more active lifestyle. As an accessible option for new riders and more experienced cyclists, consider giving the gift of a fun new hobby that’s great for the body!

  • Clean and Green Form of Transportation

Not only are e-bikes good for the mind, body, and soul, they’re also great for the planet. Riding an e-bike is an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving a car or motorcycle and significantly reduces the rider’s carbon footprint. The battery-powered propulsion of the e-bike releases zero harmful emissions, and lithium batteries are currently the most eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. When purchasing an e-bike for an older friend or family member, both you and the rider can feel confident about making a choice that’s keeping our planet green and relying on a renewable resource.

  • Affordable Transit Option

Understanding budget options and creating a financial plan are two important steps individuals face as they reach their later years in life, and e-bikes serve as an excellent and affordable transit option. Furthermore, driving can often be dangerous for older individuals as a result of declining vision and motor functionsso much so that it often becomes an off-limits activity. However, an e-bike is an excellent and cost-effective solution for aging individuals who simply need to run errands around town or visit nearby locations. With just a one time purchase of the bike itself, money won’t be spent filling up the gas tank, getting an oil change, or completing smog checksinconvenient requirements related to driving a car. 

  • Improves Mental Health, Cognitive Function, and Quality of Life 

Maintaining cognitive function as one ages is critical, as the human brain’s decline is often linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Importantly, riding an e-bike and performing aerobic exercises actually promotes and improves cognitive abilities, as the muscles for memory and hand-eye coordination are strengthened during the task. Even more so, riding an e-bike affords seniors a sense of freedom and routine, two important assets that may be taken away when the option of driving or walking long distances is no longer feasible. Getting grandma or grandpa outside to soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air more regularly can be a life-altering experience, and riding an e-bike will not only make them fitter, but also help to raise their spirits and get them out of the house. Many senior riders celebrate the opportunity their e-bikes have granted when it comes to finding a healthy community and a group of like-minded individuals who are equally committed to leading a long and happy life.

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