City Ebikes

Discover your city. Our City Electric Bikes can take you where your car can't. Avoid the traffic, the parking tickets, and the insane gas prices and take your city ebike into work. These ebikes are defined by long range, larger tires, and lightweight frames for a convenient, fast, and fun way to get around town.

Why You Need A City Ebike

Money Saver

No gas, no parking fees, and no parking tickets to worry about. You can save hundreds of dollars every year when you commute with your city ebike.

Great Exercise

Our pedal assist technology is a great way to get your workout started. Your legs and lungs will thank you on those steeper inclines. It is also a nice way to get energized in the morning instead of sitting in a car

No Traffic

No more rush hour, bumper to bumper, sitting in your car just trying to get home. Utilize bike lanes and paths to find a better way to get back home, to work, or the park

Frame Variants

Step Over

The most common city bike you'll see features a step over frame. Durable, strong and familiar.

Step Thru

Mounting and dismounting your ebike made easy. Incredibly helpful if you struggle with impaired movement

Product Guides

Find Your Specific City Ebike on our Product Guide Page and find out how to properly take care of your electric bike so it can properly take care of you.

How Much Money Can You Save?

It starts to add up quick. Electric bikes are an incredibly efficient way to save money, especially when you are commuting to a city. Avoiding the use of your car also takes a bit of your carbon footprint out of the equation by not burning fossil fuels.

No Gas - One of the more noticeable things you notice missing is your stops to a gas station. Families can spend up to $5,000 a year on gas alone so even taking some of those gallons of the board can make a difference.

No Parking - Most of the time you can take your ebike inside with you. Cars are rarely so lucky. Parking garages, meters, and lots are costly and often waste urban space that could be used for more productive spaces.

Repairs - You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your car over its lifetime. Ebike repairs are a fraction of the cost and with proper preventative care, are rarely needed.

Get in Shape with an Ebike

It's important to get your exercise in when you can. Working 8 hours sitting at a desk doesn't help your physical well-being either. Our city ebikes offer the perfect answer to this problem. Even if you commute on our ebike is only 10 minutes it is great way to get energized and ready for the day.

Pedal Assist - Utilize our 5 different levels of pedal assist (PAS) to tackle the various hills and inclines on your rides. Find the right level to still get a work out in without going into throttle only mode on your ebike.

Ride Further - The battery and motor in your ebike allow you to travel further than you could on a traditional bicycle. Take full advantage of all your city ebike has to offer to get the most out of each ride.

Take Your Time - Even with all of its features it is important to get comfortable on your ebike. Start with shorter rides and over time you'll be able to go further on a lower PAS setting.

Avoid the Rush Hour

No one wants to waste time or be late just because of all the traffic on the road. A city ebike allows you to bypass all the cars sitting bumper to bumper. Motorists spend up to 51 hours a year sitting in traffic. Now you can spend some of that time on much more important things.

New Routes - Go where cars can't. Make use of bike paths and lanes that will offer you your own routes to take around your town or city. The popularity in ebikes is only growing so be on the lookout for new lanes and paths being made.

Time Saved - Less time spent in traffic is more time spent with family, friends, running errands, and just about anything else you can think of.

Less Traffic - We realize not everyone is going to be riding an ebike. However, the more people that do means less cars on the road. This can allow buses travel quicker and even emergency vehicles getting to their destinations faster.