Foldable Ebikes

Enjoy the convenience of an electric bike without taking up the space of one. Our Foldable Electric Bikes feature an easy, one touch folding mechanism to save space and time. Our F-Series were made for the people who don't like wasting their time. All our ebikes in this collection reach a top speed of 20 mph or higher for quick commuters. You'll also notice the larger tires that help absorb impact and handle any kind of ride you can throw at it.

F-Series of Ebikes

Fat Tires

The wider tires offer up significantly more traction so we recommend fat tires on your ebike if you are going to be riding on looser terrain such as sand or gravel.


The ultimate space saver. Fold down the frame and handlebars on your F-Series to pack even more with you on your camping trips or just to save trunk space.


Take your ebike where you want to go. The F-Series is ideal for city streets and off road trails thanks to an excellent combination of features and specifications.

Designed for You


Perfect for saving space in your dorm room, one bedroom apartment or on the next camping trip. The foldable frame is incredibly convenient for carrying and moving your ebike when not in use.

Digital Display

An updated LED display on all our F-Series gives you comprehensive, real-time readouts on speed, battery life, pedal assist, and so much more.

Product Guides

Find Your Specific Foldable Ebike on our Product Guide Page and find out how to properly take care of your electric bike so it can properly take care of you.

Fat Tire Ebikes

Shock absorbing and made to deal with all kinds of riders. Fat tires are an incredible addition to the ebike world. They are especially helpful for newer or less experienced riders as they provide better traction on most surfaces including off road dirt and gravel trails. People also enjoy how much a fat tire can assist with bumps and cracks more so than a traditional bike tire.

Fat Tires - They provide up to triple the surface area of a road bike tire for greatly improved traction. Traditionally anything wider than 3" is considered a fat tire. There are a few ebikes that may be wider than 2" but thinner than 3" which provide a good middle ground for people who've never ridden a fat tire before.

Motor - The entire F-Series feature rear wheel motors of 350 Watts or higher for enhanced hill climbing ability and initial acceleration to get you up to riding speed in no time.

Battery - Even our smallest battery in this series provides up to 25 miles per charge so you will have plenty of riding time. Use our pedal assist technology on the lower settings to extend the range even further.

Folding Frames

While we've been over the folding frame a few times it is important to note how it can affect the ways you use your ebike. Foldability provides convenience for you and others. You'll be able to bring it in to work, fold it and keep it stored under your desk. Furthermore, when not in use you can keep your ebike out of the way.

Storage Space - Ideal for camping trips where you don't want to take your car everywhere you go. A foldable ebike is also a great choice for people who just want a convenient way to get around without taking up too much room.

Removable Battery - All our F-Series electric bikes come with a removable battery to make it even more convenient for you. Take the battery with you to charge so you don't have to carry the whole frame to your outlet.

Rider Friendly - Easy to use and to understand. GOTRAX is constantly developing new and innovative ways to interact with our customers through our products. Our LED digital displays are easy to use as well as giving quick readouts on battery life, speed settings, and more!


Your electric bike can take you more places than you think. Thanks to our 2023 redesign our F-Series are multipurpose for every kind of rider. Whether you want to take it around town and to the park for a picnic or on your next camping trip to take on some trails, exploring further than you thought you could.

Pedal Assist - Take a bit of the workload off and utilize your ebikes 5 different speed settings to find the right balance between speed and control. You can also just go throttle only and let your ebike do all the work.

Dual Braking - Safe and secure stops are necessary when reaching speeds of 20 mph or higher. Our main goal is to ensure you enjoy each and every ride so it is important but safety always comes first.

Gear Settings - The pedal assist isn't the only thing you can fine tune. The 7 gear Shimano shifter allows you to adjust the resistance you feel when pedaling. Paired with our pedal assist means hills won't be a problem.