Electric Dirt Bikes

It's time to go to the ultimate level of off roading. Introducing GOTRAX's Electric Dirt Bikes. Our first two models, the Everest and K2, come with over 4000 Watts of power in their motors. These are for experienced motocross riders looking for a quieter, more efficient, and better ride than what they are used to. You'll be able to climb more than just mountains with these electrifying rides.

Why Choose Electric Dirt Bikes

Ride Anywhere

Our electric dirt bikes can get over 40 miles of range. Furthermore, thanks to their full suspension systems and off road tires, you can use that 40 miles to travel just about anywhere your heart desires.

Heavy Duty

The Everest and K2 are built with an aluminum-magnesium alloy frame. Any kind of terrain you're able to throw at them, they can handle and then some. For the ultimate off roading experience, look no further.


The biggest and best advantage over your traditional dirt bike. No loud motor sounds, no refueling, no nasty exhaust. 100% powered by electricity means a more sustainable way to ride around the track.

STable Riding

Everest Electric Dirt Bike Rear Suspension Close Up Alt

Full Suspension

A front wheel suspension fork and rear hydraulic single shock absorber can handle everything from the rhythm section to tabletops.

Everest Electric Dirt Bike Rear Wheel Close Up

Deep Tooth Tires

Maximum traction is guaranteed thanks to the large, rubber ridges around the length of your tire. They can really sink their "teeth" into the dirt.

Ride ANywhere

A true off roaders dream. Designed to ride where others can't follow. Fully utilize true versatility with the full suspension. Ensure perfect traction throughout your whole ride. Manage your speed and battery level with 3 different speed gears. We want to give you the choice to ride where you want to, when you want.

Full Suspension - A front fork and rear hydraulic single shock absorber create a smooth, comfortable riding experience. It also helps absorb the impact from any jumps or stunts you attempt while riding.

Deep Tooth Tires - Traction is everything. Luckily, we equipped our electric dirt bikes with these durable pneumatic tires. Additionally, they help your suspension systems with the impact absorption.

3 Speed Gears - Limit your speed for better control over your ride. On top of that, you can conserve your battery life by using lower speeds when appropriate.

Heavy Duty

It wouldn't be a dirt bike if it couldn't handle the track. We've already mentioned a few of the features to absorb impact but let's discuss some of the more hands on features. They will keep you safe during your rides so you can focus on having fun.

Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy Frame - A durable, composite build offers an IPX5 waterproof rating to keep your battery safe. It also helps reduce weight for improved speed and performance.

Dual Braking - Secure stops are essential on a track. Front and rear wheel hydraulic brakes can stop your electric dirt bike in its tracks at a moments notice.

LED Headlight - If you get to your riding spot early or start heading back late don't forget to turn on your headlight to illuminate the path ahead.


You'll never have to worry about gas prices again. The main advantage you get over your traditional dirt bike is via the rechargeable battery in the electric dirt bike. It is just the next step in the electrical interest slowly growing as a new part of an already large industry. GOTRAX hopes to be one of the leaders in this industry that will take us to a greener future.

Quiet Riding - No loud motor sounds to disturb your rides anymore. Many nature trails can handle regular dirt bikes but now you can ride through without creating a bunch of noise pollution.

Zero Emission - No more burned fossil fuels to breath in or to pollute the environment. You can ride and recharge knowing you are supporting change.