Choosing the Right Hoverboard

While it might seem like all hoverboards are alike, there are actually a variety of features that set them apart from one another. Whether you’re shopping for you, your child, or a friend, we’ve put together the most important components you should consider when buying a hoverboard

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Age & Weight

Age and weight are extremely important components to consider when purchasing a hoverboard. While one model might be great for 7 or 8 year olds, it is not necessarily going to fulfill the same requirements a teenager might want in their hoverboard. 

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Find a hoverboard that checks off all your boxes. LED Infinity wheels, chrome finishes, self-balancing, and bluetooth are just a few of perks to our hoverboards.

Age & Weight

Age: All of our hoverboards are intended for people ages 4+. Beyond our minimum age requirement, each board is designed for a specific age group and will perform accordingly. Read through the product you’re interested in to see if that model is right for the age of the rider. GOTRAX carries hoverboards that can also support adults. Just check the maximum weight limit before buying.

Weight: All of our hoverboards have minimum and maximum weight requirements. It’s important to follow these guidelines as the performance of your model will be greatly impacted if ignored. Children's hoverboards, such as the SRX Mini and Flash, have a minimum weight requirement of 44 lbs and maximum requirement of 132 lbs. Weight requirements for teen and adult boards will vary with specifics located on each product’s page. Our strongest hoverboards hold up to 220LB riders.


In addition to considering your age and weight when buying a hoverboard, our models are designed with a variety of features that can make your riding experience that much better. All of our hoverboards feature a  Self Balancing Mode, one of the key features you should consider when buying a hoverboard. This great feature helps beginner riders gain confidence when first learning to ride. 

LED Lights & Wheels: If you are planning to ride your hoverboard at night, or in a dimly lit area, many of our boards include LED lights and/or light up wheels that are not only a visually appealing feature, but serve to help you see where you’re riding. Lighting on your hoverboard can come from LED highlights, LED wheels and/or our infinity wheels. 

Bluetooth Speakers: If you’re thinking about a board that goes above and beyond, consider a model with built in bluetooth speakers. This feature is loved by thousands of customers who can ride their hoverboard and listen to their favorite songs the entire time. 

Off Road Tires: If you plan to take your hoverboard off of cement or wood floors, consider a model that features off road tires, such as the SRX Pro. The sturdy 8.5” tires make it easy to get over rockier roads and dirt paths. 

Chrome Models: Looking to stand out even more? Our chrome coated hoverboards are beautifully designed and look great no matter the rider.