All Terrain Ebikes

Go where other ebikes weren't meant to go! We'll breakdown why an all terrain electric bike is the right choice and which model would be the perfect pick for you. You'll notice all of the models listed above feature large air-filled tires, dual-braking, and our signature pedal assist technology. While each model holds its own unique features, there are some things too good to leave out.

Types of All Terrain Ebikes

All Mountain EBikes

Take on anything and everything. These bikes are built for the long haul and the more advanced off road trails. We recommend these all terrain ebikes to experienced riders who know their way around the trails.

Fat Tire EBikes

Much more forgiving off road than other traditional all terrain ebike models. The wider tires offer up significantly more traction so we recommend fat tires on your ebike if you are going to be riding on looser terrain such as sand or gravel.

Trail Ebikes

One of the more common forms of all terrain ebike. Good for light trails and group ridings that feature a decent mix of climbs and descents. The focus on this category is efficiency and overall weight.

Suspension Variants


A front wheel suspension fork absorbs some of the impact while you take on the trailheads and paths you desire.


You'll find no suspension on rigid models. While this may make for a bumpier ride, you can rely on our air filled, pneumatic tires to help with any bumps along the way.

Product Guides

Find Your Specific All Terrain Ebike on our Product Guide Page and find out how to properly take care of your electric bike so it can properly take care of you.

All Mountain Ebikes

The true off roaders belong on an all mountain ebike. They can tackle just about anything and everything a rider could throw at them. Riders should be well experienced with mountain biking, taking on challenging routes with several inclines and descents.

Suspension - If you plan on taking on a tough trail, ensure your ebike has some form of suspension. Ideally, front or rear paired with 20"+ tires to help absorb some of the shock.

Frame - Strong and light can be a difficult combination to manage but GOTRAX does so excellently utilizing an aluminum alloy frame on our ebikes keeps them light yet durable.

Pedal Assist - Make sure your ebike is charged for the ride you are about to take. You want to be able to use the 5 different speed settings accordingly across your entire ride so you can take yourself further.

Fat Tire Ebikes

Highlighted by the larger than life tires, the Fat Tire Ebikes are designed to take on off road trails comprised of looser material such as gravel, sand, and dirt. Fat tire ebikes are great way to get started in the ebike world since they provide better traction on most surfaces than their thin tire counterparts.

Fat Tires - Defined by being 3" or wider, fat tires can handle a bit more than your standard bike tire. They provide sometimes double or triple the surface area of a road bike tire for significantly better traction.

Motor - Larger tires means a larger frame. All the extra weight means you want to have more power pushing you along. GOTRAX recommends a fat tire ebike with a 500 Watt motor or larger. It will be the difference maker when you are off road.

Battery - Once again, with a larger frame and motor you want to make sure you have plenty of charge to go through the whole trail and make it back to your car. 40 miles per charge is a good minimum to have in case you want to do some riding after you're done.

Trail Ebikes

The most common form of ebike you'll see outside of the city are the trail ebikes. They are great, casual ebikes that can be used for multiple purposes. Take them around the campground, your city, or to your favorite bike path/trail. This category is the perfect place to find your first ebike and get accustomed to using pedal assist technology.

Distance - You want to be able to use your trail ebike for all the adventuring that is out there to do. Understanding how to manage the pedal assist technology is also an important factor when riding so you get the most range out of each and every ride.

Rider Friendly - Easy to use and to understand. GOTRAX is constantly developing new and innovative ways to interact with our customers through our products. Our LED digital displays are easy to use as well as giving quick readouts on battery life, speed settings, and more!

Cost Effective - Affordability is key. You want to get the most out of every dollar spent. GOTRAX offers incredible specifications and features on all our ebikes. Our all terrain section has an ebike for everyone so just find the one that is right for you.