Warranty Policy

Eligibility Dates

Please view the warranty policy that applies to your product. If you're not sure which warranty applies, check our the specifications section of our product page, the user manual, or contact our support.

Click Here to Read our 1 Year Limited Policy for all Adult Electric Scooters 

Click Here to Read our 1 Year Limited Electric Bike Policy

Click Here to Read our 1 Year Limited Electric Dirt Bike Policy

Click Here to Read our 90 Day Warranty Policy for all Hoverboards, Kids Scooters, and Toys.


GOTRAX Extended Warranty:  The extended warranty is available to purchase at checkout or up to 14 days after purchase, and extends the base warranty by 1 year.

For customers experiencing issues that fall outside the warranty period, we are still here to help.  Spare parts can be purchased directly from our online store, and we provide detailed instructions for replacing common components. 

International Customers

The same warranty and return conditions outlined above also apply for international orders shipped outside the US.  However, the buyer will be responsible for shipping and customs duties & taxes when shipping the product back for a return or repair.