The GOTRAX Gift Guide

The last place you'll need to look to find the right electric rideable for you and your loved ones. Find a wide selection of electric scooters and ebikes that are guaranteed to ensure you are riding happy. Let us know if you have any questions or need help finding the right GOTRAX for you!

Gift Guide

Gifts for Students

You'll never have run to class again. Foldable, fast and fun.

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Gifts for Parents

Great for birthdays, holidays, and more. Ride together, Ride GOTRAX!

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Gifts for Commuters

Don't be late to work because of the traffic. Grab your GOTRAX and take on the city streets.

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Gifts for Campers

For bike riders who want an electric upgrade to their normal rides.

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Gifts for Teens

Get around the neighborhood safely and easily when your teen is on their own GOTRAX.

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Gifts for Health Focus

Electric bikes help jump start a workout without wasting all your energy.

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