Product Overview: The D1RT Electric Mountain Bike

Product Overview: The D1RT Electric Mountain Bike - GOTRAX

If you’ve ever wanted to take your electric biking experience to new heights, then now is the time: we’re excited to announce the release of the D1RT, our new electric mountain bike. This e-MTB is packed with high-performing, beneficial, and convenient features that make tackling mountain trails an absolute breeze. If you’d like to learn more about the newest addition to our fleet of electric vehicles, keep reading, because today, we’re going over the very best parts of the D1RT electric mountain bike. 


If you’re traversing down mountain paths, you’re going to want a bike that stands up to the bumps and jolts of unpaved roads. The D1RT is more than capable of taking on this kind of terrain: its adjustable front suspension and pneumatic tires help absorb the shock from all kinds of terrain, keeping your ride going as smoothly as possible. It even comes with a torque sensor, which measures the amount of work you put into your pedaling and adjusts the motor’s output to match your efforts. This creates a more natural-feeling ride, making your adventures even more enjoyable.

You’ll have plenty of power as you set forth down roads less traveled. The D1RT makes use of a 350-watt rear-wheel motor to push you along winding trails and over uneven paths. You can go as fast as 20 miles per hour using either pedal assist or throttle, letting you customize how much work you put into maintaining your speed. The bike also comes equipped with a Shimano 7 Speed Shifter that allows you to easily change gears to adapt to your riding conditions. Plus, with a 36 volt, 10.4 Ah battery, you’ll have the range to explore for miles on end before needing to recharge.

Once it’s time to give the bike a rest, the D1RT’s removable battery makes recharging simple by allowing you to take the battery inside separately: there’s no need to haul the whole bike indoors to charge it. Of course, if you’d rather store the bike somewhere you can keep an eye on it, the D1RT can be charged while the battery is still installed as well. 

A man riding the new GOTRAX D1RT electric mountain bike with off-road tires and front suspension.

The D1RT is a fantastic way for new and experienced riders alike to take on their local trails and spend time harmonizing with the great outdoors. No matter where you decide to ride, remember to stay safe, follow local laws and regulations, and always wear a helmet!

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