The Best Activities to Do With Your Off-Road Electric Bike

The Best Activities to Do With Your Off-Road Electric Bike - GOTRAX

While we often discuss the benefits of riding electric bikes and electric scooters over driving or walking for your everyday commute, personal electric vehicles, e-bikes especially, have a number of uses beyond navigating city streets. Today, we want to highlight some of the awesome things you can do and places you can go on an off-road capable e-bike.


A man leaning on the GOTRAX F5 electric bike with a foldable frame and fat tires.

Part of the joy of camping is escaping from civilization for a short time, expanding a camper’s relationship with nature. These kinds of experiences are best had in places where cars can’t go. An e-bike, however, has no problem traveling deeper into the wilderness, letting you reach the best and most scenic spots without needing to haul all of your camping gear by foot. Many e-bikes either come with additional storage or the capability to attach additional storage racks, helping you carry more than you could have otherwise. An e-bike with fat or off-road tires will be especially helpful, as their tires are designed to help better absorb the shock of unpaved and uneven terrain. Even if you need to drive part of the way to your campsite, an e-bike is still a fantastic addition to your camping trips; a fat tire folding e-bike like the F5 fits easily into the trunk of a car alongside your other camping gear, then carries you comfortably the rest of the way to your destination thanks to its fat tires.


E-bikes are also great for finding hidden fishing spots that lay far off the beaten path. While hauling your fishing gear on foot is doable, on rocky and treacherous off-road trails, it may be exhausting or even dangerous. An off-road e-bike can carry anything you may need for fishing of all kinds while helping you navigate tough terrain with ease. The Tundra, for example, uses its fat tires and adjustable front suspension to absorb the shock from bumps, roots, and other small obstacles in your path while supporting your pedaling efforts using its torque sensor. You can see the Tundra in action in Outdoor Chef Life’s video covering his mountain fly fishing adventure.

Mountain Biking

A woman standing next to the GOTRAX Tundra Fat Tire eBike with a torque sensor and 750 watt motor looking out on to a mountain lake.

There are few pastimes as exhilarating as taking on mountain trails on a bike of any kind, and electric bikes only make this experience better. Alongside giving you the freedom to explore, an off-road e-bike helps you tackle the most challenging of paths and slopes by offering electric assistance to boost your pedaling efforts. Some of the most daunting hills become much more manageable with the help of a powerful motor, and options such as fat tires, front suspension, and torque sensors help keep your rides smooth and easy, even on unpaved roads. For taking on some of the toughest trails without breaking a sweat, there are few options better than an e-bike.


A man standing with the GOTRAX D1RT eMTB with front suspension and a torque sensor.

More than anything an e-bike is great for simply exploring. There are few vehicles better suited to going off the beaten path: between fat or off-road tires, long ranges, pedal assist, and great suspension, many e-bikes come equipped with a number of useful tools for taking the scenic route outdoors. While a commuter-specific e-bike may not get you far beyond a well-worn dirt trail, an off-road e-bike has the capability to take you places you couldn’t imagine on foot more quietly and cleanly than a traditional gas vehicle ever could. You could go blitzing through the wilds on a number of off-road e-bikes; they certainly have the strength and the speed for it. But e-bikes as vehicles also offer the unique opportunity to slow down and appreciate the world around us, something that we may often take for granted.

While they may seem unassuming at first glance, off-road electric bikes are capable of handling all of your outdoor adventuring needs. Wherever and however you choose to ride, remember to stay safe, prepare thoroughly beforehand for the path ahead, and always wear a helmet!

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