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12 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Get An All-Terrain Hoverboard Posted on

12 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Get An All-Terrain Hoverboard This Year

You're not done with your holiday shopping this year until you've snagged an all-terrain hoverboard. Here's why you should get one for yourself or your kids.

If you've been at the mall or driving down the street recently, you may have started to see more and more people riding on hoverboards.

This is due to the fact that since their creation manufacturers have continued to innovate them, adding more features and creating stricter guidelines.

Because of their versatility and improved technology, all-terrain hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages.

If you're considering buying one this year or aren't sure if you should, read on to find out all the great reasons.

1. They Are Safe

A few years ago you may have heard stories of hoverboards catching fire for a variety of reasons. The backlash from these incidents drove the worst companies out of business and forced the industry to up its game in terms of safety.

Since those incidences, more hoverboards are coming out that are UL certified to meet the highest standards. What this means is that the hoverboard itself has gone through tests designed to test all the components from the battery to the casing.

These tests ensure the hoverboard can handle the stress placed on it by the everyday consumer and even extreme circumstances. Before, some hoverboards were having issues if someone used them too long or charged them. Now, those with a certification have had those problems taken care of.

UL is a global company whose reputation relies on being a mark of trust for consumers. If you're concerned about safety, then simply look for hoverboards which have this certification.

2. You Can Ride on Almost Any Surface

Regular hoverboards are fine for smooth and flat surfaces but beyond that, they can be troublesome.

If you're riding down a sidewalk and see debris or an obstruction coming up, you have to stop your hoverboard, lift it over, and then continue riding.

With an all-terrain hoverboard, however, you can ride onto the grass or dirt next to the sidewalk and go around it.

In more advanced models, you're even able to ride through mud, gravel, and a range of other difficult terrains.

Getting yourself this type of off road hoverboard ensures you can enjoy a safe and smooth ride anywhere.


3. There Are Models With Bluetooth Speakers

We weren't kidding when we said the technology has improved over the years.

If you have an all-terrain hoverboard, chances are you're taking it far and for long periods of time. Because of this, manufacturers know there's nothing better than cruising down the road playing your favorite tunes and enjoying the day.

Newer models come with Bluetooth speakers for you to play your favorite music while you ride. You'll want to take your hoverboard everywhere now that you can enjoy the newest hits.

4. The Tires are larger

Some models have taken the off functionality to the next level with larger tires

When looking to buy an all terrain hoverboard make sure and get at least 8" tires, and check to see if they are air filled or solid rubber, those are the two preferred tire types of most hoveboard riders.


5. They're Self Balancing

Many people think that because you need to lean forward to move the hoverboard that it is unstable, but this isn't the case.

The board frame itself is one strong steel piece attached to two robust wheels that ensure it never tips or falls over.

To read your movements, there are actually two switches beneath the board controlled by infrared LEDs and sensors. When you lean forward, you block the infrared LED from the sensor which tells the hoverboard to start moving forward.

Because of these factors, all-terrain hoverboards are actually very sturdy and stable.

6. You Can Get One With LED Lights

If you want something both flashy and practical, an all-terrain hoverboard with LED lights is the way to go.

The lights not only look cool but also serve as excellent warnings for oncoming cars and other pedestrians.

Plus it can make going out on your hoverboard before the sun sets an incredibly fun experience.

7. They Can Handle an Impressive Amount of Weight

Hoverboards are not only for kids.

In fact, most models can handle up to 220 pounds without any problems. If you happen to be larger there's no need to worry. You can find brands that can support people anywhere from 265 pounds to 420 pounds.

Make sure to check the product specifications before purchasing to make sure it can handle the weight you're looking for.

8. The Mileage is Fantastic

When it comes to traveling distances and enjoying yourself, it's surprising how far these hoverboards are capable of going.

On average, you'll be able to travel a total of 12-13 miles on a single charge, which is anywhere from two to three hours of ride time. Hoverboards are perfect for people looking to spend some time outside, go to the gym, or decrease their carbon footprint while running errands around town.

If you're going to a friend's house or somewhere you know you can charge it, that means you can travel 12 miles away, recharge, and come back with no problem.

9. They Charge Quickly

Many people think that because the hoverboards can cover such long distances they need hours to recharge.

What's surprising is that most models are capable of being fully charged in only 2-3 hours with lighter models taking only one.

Often, the charge time is the same as the ride time or an hour less, making all-terrain hoverboards a great way to get around town.

10. You Can Even Bring Them on Hikes

The strength of all-terrain hoverboards also ensures that they are able to go uphill and deal with inclines without much issue. This gives you full freedom to go wherever you want when out riding.

Most models feature powerful dual motors which can propel you up 17 degree inclines in the cheaper models and 30 degrees in the expensive ones. They can reach speeds ranging from 7 mph all the way to 12 mph, making them fun to bring with you on hikes if you find yourself getting tired.

There's nothing better than realizing you only have a bit of daylight left and being able to get on your hoverboard and cruise the rest of the way back.

You may even find it useful to use on the days after if your legs feel exhausted from all the walking you did. With an all-terrain hoverboard, you can give them a decent break and still go wherever you want.

11. All-Terrain Hoverboards Look Cool

When cars were first invented, people thought they were ridiculous, unsafe, and far less practical than a horse.

Once the technology improved, it became clear that cars were the future and they became the preferred mode of transportation.

The same was true when hoverboards first came out. Now with the all-terrain models, hoverboards look cool and are capable of incredible feats considering their shape and size.

As more people started using them, the stigma disappeared and they are beginning to become accepted everywhere.

12. Perfect for Kids or Adults

Most videos with kids see them floating around shopping malls or spinning around in their living room having fun. Of course, there are many other uses which make owning a hoverboard so much fun.

Because of set speeds, kids who own them can ride together to their local park or grocery store without having to worry about losing control or going too fast.

Adults also have more freedom to go anywhere they like. From long hikes in the wild to swerving through crowds on the morning commute, there are many useful places for older people to use them.

People of all ages are even starting to use them for deliveries, choreographing dances, and as moments to unwind from a long and stressful day.

Buy An All-Terrain Hoverboard Before the Big Christmas Rush

With Christmas only a few months away it's a good idea to research the different models available and find which one appeals to you.

You should also see if there are any new all-terrain hoverboards set for release soon as well. That way, you can either buy the one you want now or be completely prepared when they go on sale or become available.

Ultimately, all-terrain hoverboards are fun to use, have excellent battery life, mileage, and features making them a great purchase for anyone considering buying one.

Be sure to check out our other blogs for all the latest news and information as well as great facts you should know about your hoverboard.

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