Kids Kick Scooters Are Here!

Kids Kick Scooters Are Here! - GOTRAX

For the last few years GOTRAX has provided the marketplace with quality electric scooters. As we continue to grow our brand, we aim to offer more popular products to scooter riders of all ages. In order to achieve our goal, uphold our reputation, and meet your demands, our newest catalog now features Kick scooters for kids. With the launch of our exciting new line of scooters, you can expect the same quality and service associated with GOTRAX products--this time without a motor! The K0 Series is the first class of non-electric scooters created by GOTRAX, and we’re excited to announce that our new devices are suitable for a wide range of ages, from just three years old and up! Read on to learn about three of our trendiest products from the new line: the K01, K02, and K05. Compatible with newcomers and enjoyable for more experienced riders as well, our latest collection is sure to have the perfect scooter for your kids.

Kids Scooter on The K0 Series

 K01 3 Wheeled Scooter

The K01 is the very first kids scooter from our brand-new collection. Built with three solid wheels that provide a stable platform and excellent support, this scooter is perfect for inexperienced riders eager to hop on and show off some new skills. At GOTRAX, we understand the importance of investment, which is why we’ve extended the longevity of our newest kid’s scooter. Because the T-bar of the K01 is adjustable, offering four different heights, the scooter can be modified for ultimate comfort and grow alongside your child. When it comes to children and scooters, safety comes first, which is why we offer specialized features that prioritize security and control. One of our favorite security mechanics is the user-friendly rear brake. With a simple step, riders are granted full control of their speed. Our latest kids scooter is made out of high strength aluminum alloy and durable nylon composites, which means the device is lightweight, super portable, and perfect for travel. Complete with removable handlebars and a foldable base, your scooter storage solutions are endless. Plus, the K01 highlights our most innovative engineering yet. Rather than relying on handlebars to steer right and left, kids will navigate turns by shifting their weight and leaning side to side--a great way to improve coordination and balance.


K02 Kids Kick Scooter

The K02 is another three-wheeled kid scooter we’ve added to our catalog, and the flexible design makes it an accessible device for children of all ages. The K02 offers riders two different ways to travel. Younger children may enjoy the seated option and improve their balancing skills while enjoying a comfortable commute through the neighborhood. As kids mature, the seat may be removed or folded up in order to ride the scooter while standing. One of the best features of our new scooter series is the scooter’s ability to grow alongside the rider, making it an asset for toddlers and preteens alike. In addition to our seating or standing option, the K02 is equipped with handlebars that can be adjusted to three different heights, meaning it can be modified based on an individual’s height. This kids scooter is accompanied by a rear wheel integrated brake, so the rider can always control the speed, stop on a dime, and remain safe. Like our well-loved K01 scooter, the K02 is also steered by shifting one’s weight. Instead of using handlebars to make left and right turns, your child will lean in their desired direction, all the while improving their balance and coordination. The foldable design of the scooter makes traveling a breeze. When you’re ready to get going, fold up the seat and body of the scooter, collapse the handlebars, and enjoy the effortless portability of your lightweight, eight-pound scooter. This scooter makes a great addition for quick trips to the park and is perfect for busy parents on the go. Make sure to pick a color that matches your style preference; there are four awesome options to choose from. Overall, scootering on the K02 is a great activity for children of all ages and presents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with your family.


K05 Kids Folding Kick Scooter

GOTRAX is proud to introduce the K05 kids scooter to our catalog, our very first kick scooter! Perhaps a popular pastime from your childhood, our kick scooter boasts a variety of fun features every kid will enjoy. Riders of varying heights will enjoy the adjustable handlebars, which bring a new standard of comfort to every scooter experience. The K05’s ultra-light frame is made from aluminum, which offers a safe and sturdy riding platform for rookie riders and seasoned veterans. Because GOTRAX prioritizes safety, especially when it comes to kids’ scooters, we’ve integrated a brake on the rear wheel. This braking mechanism allows riders to harness ultimate control of their speed, quickly come to a full stop, and add a sense of security to their scootering experience. The handlebars are equipped with soft, rubber hand grips, adding a sense of ease to long distance rides over uneven terrains. With a variety of four great colors to choose from, riders are sure to find a scooter that matches their style. Plus, the 4PU LED wheels will definitely capture the attention of the kids; the faster they ride, the brighter the wheels shine! Show off a kaleidoscope of colors when traveling through the neighborhood. 

At, we know what matters most, and we’re excited to deliver the latest and greatest in non-electric kids scooters right to your doorstep. We hope you’re ready to give them a go, because we’ve engineered this innovative new line with your favorite aspects of safety, entertainment, and style in mind. With excellent U.S-based customer service, we’re prepared to help you with all of your scooter questions and concerns. As an added bonus, we offer fast and free shipping as well as a 30-day return policy and 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to keep GOTRAX’s newest products in mind when shopping for birthday surprises and holiday gifts!

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