2020 Hoverboard Buyer's Guide

2020 Hoverboard Buyer's Guide - GOTRAX

For over three years, GOTRAX has delivered customers top-of-the-line hoverboards in a variety of different shapes, styles, and designs. With an ever-expanding hoverboard catalog full of the latest and greatest products with new and exciting features, like chrome plating, Infinity wheels, Bluetooth speakers, and LED body/wheels, you’re destined to find the perfect product—a match made in hoverboard heaven. Plus, GOTRAX offers plenty of affordable options to choose from. With multiple styles under $100, you won’t break the bank while browsing for a new board, and selections from our site will satisfy every member of the family. Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to consult our hoverboard buyer’s guide; it’s a fast and efficient way to decide which board best meets your needs.

Remix Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Remix Self Balancing Hoverboard

The Remix is the perfect board for beginning riders and board buffs alike; its self-balancing mode keeps the rider platform level with the ground, which means you can become a master rider in minutes. Whether you’re interested in expediting your commute or traveling around the town, the dual 200 watt motor will allow you to reach top speeds of 6.5 mph and our 25.5V lithium ion battery will keep you gliding for a range of four miles. With 6.5 inch shock-absorbing LED wheels, you’ll be smooth sailing in style. Not only is the Remix UL-certified, it only takes four hours to recharge. This means you’ll be back on the streets without missing a beat. Our hoverboard makes the perfect gift for family members looking for a new hobby and friends interested in trying a new sport. Costing under $100, GOTRAX’s Remix hoverboard is a holiday staple and a great gift year-round.

Flash Kids Hoverboard

Flash Kids Hoverboard

The Flash is a great hoverboard option for individuals looking to ride in style; it offers a little extra flair without compromising any of the power. Complete with a dual 150 watt motor, you’ll cruise at speeds up to 6.2 miles per hour and appreciate the 2.2V lithium ion battery, which will keep you riding for a range of 2.5 miles. With 6.2 inch wheels, you’re in for a smooth trip on streets, sidewalks, and at your local skate park. One of our favorite features of the UL-certified Flash hoverboard is the LED lighting. Your board will stand out among all the rest and increase your visibility during nighttime rides. At GOTRAX, safety is a priority, which is why our light-up LED hoverboard is great for youngsters who are just getting the hang of riding and require a little extra help when it comes to cruising around corners and maintaining balance.

Edge Self Balancing Hoverboard

Edge Self-Balancing Hoverboard

The Edge represents another great option for individuals interested in amping up their neighborhood route; it boasts awesome new amenities guaranteed to impress all hoverboard riders. Rounded out with a powerful dual 200 watt motor, you’ll travel up to 7.5 mph and the 25.2V battery will keep you hovering for 6.2 miles per charge. With 6.5 inch shock-absorbing LED wheels you’re sure to light up the night with your UL-certified Edge. In addition to an extended battery life, the night lights installed in the wheels and body of the board are an important yet stylish safety feature when it comes to riding past sundown. With all of these bonus benefits, and a price point under $100, the Edge makes a perfect beginner board as well as a collector’s item for more experienced riders.


New FX3 Hoverboard

The new and improved model of the FX3 affords you the same dual 200 watt motor and 25.2V battery you love with a brand new aerodynamic body design. You’ll travel at speeds up to 6.2 mph for a range of 3.75 miles and enjoy the improved water resistance of the board. Rain or shine, the new FX3 is the perfect accessory for a beach day, rafting trip, and a great way to spend some extra time outside. This revamped and UL-certified edition of the traditional model offers not only a redesigned body but new lighting features that guarantee you’ll stand out in the streets.

 Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard

Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard

If you’re ready to skip the sidewalks and take your travel to the next level, check out the dual 250 watt motor on the E3. With a 36V battery that will take you up to five miles per charge at 8.1 miles per hour, you’ll rule the road while jamming out to your favorite tunes with this hoverboard’s Bluetooth speakers. Perfect for all terrains, your E3 allows you to travel in style with its new LED lighting and Bluetooth capabilities. Whether you’re hitting the road, catching a flight, or touring a new city, the E3 is the perfect travel companion. Integrated handles offer improved portability and easy access, so it’s great for making a seamless transition from feet to street.


As technologically innovative as it is powerful, the E4 is the perfect match for hoverboard enthusiasts who are prepared to take their off-roading experience one step further. Thanks to the 250 watt motor and 36V battery, you’ll travel at speeds up to 7.5 mph for a range of seven miles. This model extends the offers of the E3 with stunning upgrades, like a three hour charge time and new and improved 8.5 inch tires. These are ideal features for your offroading needs. With flashy LED lighting and high ratings from satisfied customers, the E4 is your best bet for adventures across various landscapes.


Generating speeds up to 6.2 mph for a range of 3.1 miles, the Nova is a great tool for individuals of all ages. Its 200 watt motor and 25.2V battery will propel you forward while its 6.5 inch non-slip tires guarantee you a smooth, safe, and secure ride. With all new LED wheels and a sleek new body design, the Nova earns a spot as one of our favorite hoverboards for first-time riders. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure safety for all riders, so it’s no surprise that the Nova is UL-certified and offers riders a self-balancing mode as an extra precaution.


The Nova Pro incorporates everything you love about the original design and tacks on additional benefits you’ll love. The same powerful 200 watt motor will help you accelerate to speeds of 6.2 mph, but now you can travel up to five miles with support from the Nova Pro’s 36V battery. The solid rubber non-slip tires are 6.5 inches, ensuring maximum safety when making turns and cruising around corners. The new and improved Nova body features chromatic colors and LED lighting while the wider tires allow you to lead the way on your smooth, all-conquering ride.


Infinity Pro Off Road Hoverboard

The Infinity Pro is another great product for hoverboard lovers who are willing to travel off the beaten path. This all-terrain hoverboard offers riders the power of a dual 250 watt motor and a 36V battery, which means you’ll reach speeds up to 7.4 mph with a 7.5 mile range. Your 8.5 inch Infinity wheels, already equipped with a unique rainbow of LED lights inside, are the perfect tires for any hoverboard adventure and add an extra pop of color to this stylish and durable off-road design. Bluetooth speakers round out this device, allowing you to bring along some songs to your favorite hoverboard hangouts.


Glide Chrom Hoverboard

The Glide has everything you need and more when it comes to hoverboard features and extra special amenities. Its dual 200 watt motors secure a smooth speed of up to 6.2 miles per hour and the impressive 25.2V UL-certified battery will charge your device in just four hours. Perhaps our most aesthetic hoverboard yet, the Glide introduces an all new body design, fresh chrome colors, and unique LED lights in both the wheels and the body of the board. With so many stylish new features, we want you to know that safety still takes precedence over glitz and glamour, which is why our UL-certified product has a GOTRAX approved self-balancing mode for riders who need extra assistance finding their footing. Not only is the Glide an excellent way to spice up outdoor activities, it also makes for a fun and exciting gift for both children and teens.


Completing the line up of hoverboards is the Glide Pro, one of our most impressive models with several exciting features. You’ll travel speeds up to 6.2 mph for a range of five miles, powered by dual 200 watt motors and a 36V battery with an extended lifespan. The Glide Pro’s Bluetooth speakers allow you to take your tunes on the go, and listen to your favorite beats while cruising around the block. Upgraded from the original Glide model, your Pro will feature Infinity wheels and a longer riding range, which means you’ll be able to cover much more ground between charges. Plus, the Glide Pro is available in a variety of all new eye-catching colors, so you can customize your hoverboard to fit your style preference.

 Why buy from GOTRAX?

At GOTRAX, we are excited to continue expanding our catalog, introduce more products to our line of hoverboards, and design devices that exceed our rider’s expectations. We understand our riders have individual preferences when it comes to picking out a product, which is why we are dedicated to creating a variety of hoverboards that match a variety of preferences. We will continue to offer some of the best U.S-based customer support in addition to free shipping. All of our devices can be found at GOTRAX.com, and we’re proud to announce that many of our products are also carried by your local Walmart.

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