Kick Scooters are Making a Comeback!

Kick Scooters are Making a Comeback! - GOTRAX

A neighborhood necessity, childhood staple, and everyone’s favorite way to commute—the kick scooter is here to stay. In fact, this holiday season the kick scooter has gained significant traction among a wide-ranging audience.  It’s a newfound favorite for kids and teens, and it’s even making waves in the adult community of scooter enthusiasts as well. As a result of their compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly design, kick scooters offer one of the best ways to commute. Kick scooters place speed and efficiency at the forefront of priorities, so commuting to work, school, or around the block is a breeze. GOTRAX has maintained a reputation of providing high quality electric scooters for years now, which is why we’re expanding our catalog and featuring new scooter styles, amenities, and options for both novice riders and seasoned veterans. We’re proud to introduce RIDEVolo’s line of exceptional kick scooters. Read on to learn more about the K08 and K08-1 to decide which kick scooter best meets your needs.



If you’re looking to maintain maximum speed with minimal effort, look no further than the K08 kick scooter. The 8-inch PU wheels are designed to absorb shock from city streets and sidewalks in order to provide a smooth and effortless feel while you ride. Abec 9 bearings are an essential component of this kick scooter’s engineering, and we’ve included them to improve your speed and momentum while traveling from point A to point B. Adding a sense of comfort to your ride, the dual shock absorption featured in the K08 guarantees seamless transitions from surface to surface and makes this device a hot commodity while planning family adventures, outdoor activities, and workday commutes. Built-in front and rear shocks add absorption while riding; it’s a difference you’ll feel and come to appreciate after traveling just a few miles.
At GOTRAX, we understand the importance of incorporating top-of-the-line safety features into all of our favorite new products, which is why we’re excited about the new security amenities that accompany the K08’s streamlined design. A rear fender brake allows riders to come to a complete stop and provides full control of the device. Because our versatile kick scooters are great entertainment day or night, we’ve added fender and tiller reflectors to improvise visibility during nighttime rides and keep your kids cruising after sunset.
Because we believe scootering is a fantastic way to remain active at every age, the K08 kick scooter’s dynamic size and shape makes it a flexible option for all family members. Kids and adults will enjoy taking the new scooter out for a spin, gliding through the neighborhood, and maybe even popping a wheelie.
Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that one of the most beneficial features of the K08 is its portable blueprint. Not only does the scooter fold, creating a compact storage option, but the handlebars disconnect from the device as well. Discreet and neat, our newest kick scooter won’t let you down when it’s time to stow it away. Plus, the K08 weighs in at just 12.4 pounds, making it easy to carry by hand or over the shoulder. Whether your mixed commute involves planes, trains, or automobiles, the K08 kick scooter makes a great counterpart and can tag along with limited effort on your end.

K08 Kick Scooter


The K08-1 is the second kick scooter featured in the new RIDEVolo collection brought to you by GOTRAX. It offers riders several boast-worthy features and kicks it up a notch with added amenities you won’t want to miss. Complete with 8-inch PU wheels that will propel you forward, the K08-1 is great at absorbing shock from streets and sidewalks. With Abec 9 bearings, you’ll challenge friction while gaining momentum and impressive speed, all the while avoiding bumps in the road and uneven terrain. The dual shock absorption capabilities in both the front and the rear of this kick scooter allow you to experience an even smoother glide no matter what surface you plan to conquer next.

While kick scooters may seem simple to master, safety remains an important component of riding regardless of age or experience level. While helmets are always recommended, we’ve built-in several safety features to the scooter itself. For example, the K08-1 features a rear fender brake. This type of brake allows you to stop on a dime and grants the rider full control of their speed. Simply apply pressure to the rear brake with your heel to slow down, and release the pressure to increase your speed. In addition to a well rounded braking system, we’ve added fender and tiller reflectors for night time rides. While wearing reflective gear may also improve visibility, our reflectors will keep you safe after sunset. For extra precaution and a fun new flair, the K08-1 also comes with a bell. Use it to alert the neighborhood of your new ride!

At GOTRAX we believe scooters are fun for the whole family, so we’ve designed our K08-1 kick scooter to meet the needs of riders both big and small. Our new kick scooter allows both children and adults to enjoy safety and comfort, as the K08-1 features an extra wide deck for additional balance and support.

Another advantage to GOTRAX’s newest line of kick scooters involves portability. Weighing just 12.4 pounds, the K08-1 makes the perfect travel companion during mixed commutes. Plus, this scooter is easy to carry in your hand, over your shoulder, or in a backpack; you won’t have to worry about being weighed down by your favorite new gadget. The scooter folds for easy storage in an office, garage, or the trunk of a vehicle, and the handlebars disconnect for individuals looking for an even more compact traveling option.

Why Buy From GOTRAX?

GOTRAX has been a trusted brand in the electric scooter industry for several years, and we’re excited to offer our customers a variety of new products. Our RIDEVolo collection is our greatest achievement to date, and we continue to provide our customers with consistent service. This includes a one year warranty on your new kick scooter, lifetime customer support, and free shipping from GOTRAX.

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