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Electric Scooter Reviews - 2019 E-scooter Buyer’s Guide

Electric Scooter Reviews - 2019 E-scooter Buyer’s Guide - GOTRAX

Hello Scooter riders!

Electric Scooter reviews and buying guides online are both good and easy to find. Unfortunately, the ones that are easy to find are not good, and the ones that are good are not easy to find. Seeing this, we thought it would be helpful to make one that is both good and easy to find, and with all the choices on Amazon it can be tough to narrow down the right scooter for you .


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  Motor 250W 200W 250W 100W
  Max Speed 15 MPH 15.5 MPH 16 MPH 11 MPH
  Distance 12.5 miles 12.5 miles 9 miles 7.4 miles
Tire  Wheel Size 8.5" 8" 5.4" 7.5"
Tire  Wheel Material Air Filled Tires Solid Rubber Tires Solid Rubber Tires Air Filled Tires
  Weight Limit 220 lb 220 lb 220 lb 121 lb
  Charging Time 4 hours 4 hours 3 hours 8 hours
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If you are new to e-scootering, or you’re just considering it, this guide will help you get up to speed on the different types of scooters and what features to look for in your first scooter. No matter the color option, electric scooters are always a green choice and deliver a far lower carbon footprint than gas-powered models. There are exceptions, but electric scooters generally cost in the hundreds of dollars, and gas-powered scooters tend to cost in the thousands of dollars.


How Do I Know What I Need?

Probably, your needs will be different than those of your neighbor, your kid, or anyone else. Picking a scooter is a lot like buying a computer. If you ask which one is right for you, then you should expect this response: What do you plan to do with it? Do you plan to commute? That’s one class of scooter. But if you plan to go off-roading, that’s another. And still, if you plan to let your young child use it, that is yet another scooter. And what about categories? Adult scooters are powered and weighted for adults. As a result, due to the weight and size of children, their operation of an adult scooter may be an unsafe choice. Likewise, an adult operating a kid scooter may find it underpowered and slow. An adult could easily break a child’s scooter.

We believe that consideration of the features below are most likely to get you into a scooter that suits your needs right down to the ground. When looking for a scooter, people often want to know How fast (speed), How far (range), and How much (price). We’ve addressed those issues and several others for you below. So, once you review this guide and figure out what’s right for you, you will be in a far better position to address the market.

The Best Electric Commuter Scooter

As we all know, commuting is the great journey we each take every day. There are more options all the time, but few compare with the convenience, efficiency and safety of the electric scooter. Many families are taking to public transportation and combining their trips with electric scooters. Electric scooters for kids and electric scooters for adults are not the same. Kids’ electric scooters are designed with a lower top speed and lower overall power as safety features for younger riders. 

The best electric scooter for Commuting is the GXL Electric Scooter 

Main Features for commuting

8.5" Inflatable tires - Help the GXL navigate over bumpy city streets and sidewalks.
250 Watt Motor and 36V Battery - speeds of 15mph and a distance of 9+ miles per charge

    This electric scooter is a serious commuter designed to be durable and comfortable when riding for long distances. The frame folds down making it easy to store under your desk at work.


    The Best Entry Level E-Scooter

    Entry level E-scooters range from $499 and lower, they are categorized as entry level because it's not something used to commute every day, but can be a very fun scooter to ride. They make great gifts and can be used for adults, teens and older children who don't get enough power from the kids electric scooters. 

    GOTRAX has two options, the G1 (glider) Electric Scooter

    At $279.99 MSRP This e-scooter makes a great birthday or holiday gift, it's one of our fastest e-scooters with a top speed of 17mph.


    Also available is the G2 Electric Scooter


    This one is a lot like the G1 except with several upgraded features

    Upgrades between G1 & G2 Electric scooters

    Larger wheels - for smoother overall ride
    Increased Torque - better performing motor
    Increased Battery Size - Longer distance per charge


      The Best Electric Scooter for Kids

      When searching for an electric scooter for young children safety should be your top priority. Thats why GOTRAX created the Glider Cadet!


      Children E-Scooter Safety Features

      2 brakes, hand and foot brake
      max speed of 11mph
      No Lithium Ion Battery
      Rubber Tires to absorb shock and ride over bumps and cracks
      UL Certified Batteries - Ride safe! 



        Customer Electric Scooter Reviews

        It's always smart to do some research for yourself! Check out customer reviews on youtube like these in-depth unboxing videos that cover all the features of our scooters! Or you can check our compilation of the best GXL electric scooter reviews

        GXL Electric Scooter Review


        G1 Electric Scooter Review


        How Fast Are Electric Scooters?

        There are different kinds of scooters for different riders. One great example is kid scooters vs. adult scooters. Kids’ electric scooters are smaller, powered for kids, and generally more affordable. Likewise, scooters for grown-ups are more powerful, faster, and cost more too. How fast are they? Kids’ models usually top out around 10 or 12 miles per hour, but scooters for adults can maintain a top speed at 15-20 miles per hour or even more! Just like any other battery-powered electrical device, if you require more of the motor, it will have less to give. So, heavier riders can expect somewhat less raw power than lightweight riders on the same scooter. Similarly, any rider can expect to go more slowly up a hill or incline than they can when traveling on flat ground.


        How Far Can an E-scooter Go?

        Range, or miles per charge, is an important feature in an electric scooter. Its importance is underscored by the fact that how a scooter is used will determine its performance in this category. Scooters that haul heavier weights are slower than those which carry lighter weights. Inclines are also a factor. Scootering uphill is slower that scootering downhill. So, gravity and the conservation of momentum are still alive and kicking, even on the back of a scooter. Not a big surprise, but it’s a major factor in determining the range of any scooter. For more details, check out the section below on power to weight ratio. Today, most adult electric scooters run 7-12 miles on a single charge, with some of the more expensive models doubling that range. Kids’ scooters tend to run shorter distances, topping out around 5-8 miles per charge.


        Get the Best Electric Scooter Price Available

        Earth has a large supply of electric scooters. The prices of many are astronomically high.

        $500 for an electric scooter? That sounds a little high . . . $1,000?! . . . $5,999???

        An electric scooter should be affordable. The price has to be just right. As technology advances, the price of electric scooters continues to fall. You have to be sure that an affordable price doesn’t mean it’s made with cheap parts. You can be sure by trusting the right brand.

        GOTRAX creates quality products at affordable prices, our E-scooters range from $249.99 - $499.99 

        *prices subject to change


        How Much Power Do I Need?

        People often think more power is always better, but 1000W motor is high for a kid, no matter how big a helmet he or she is wearing. It might even be too much for most adults. 

        In the world of electric scooters for kids and for adults, it is critical to match your ride to your route. If you’re commuting, you’ll have to think ahead about whether it’s a good idea to take an oversized 1000W scooter that doesn’t fold onto a bus, a train, or into the office. You will certainly learn for yourself the first time you attempt it. Our suggestion is that you consider the weight of the rider and the number of hills they are likely to encounter. 100-300 watts is usually sufficient for most adults on flat terrain.

        Fortunately, there are more reasonable options for all the commanders out there. Electric scooter riders tend not to get speeding tickets, as long as they balance their needs with the right amount of power. The motor’s wattage rating and the battery have the most impact on this aspect of propulsion for an electric scooter.


        Types of Batteries

        Electricity is the name of this game, how we store it, how we use it, and where we intend to go on our electric ride. The battery powering your electric scooter is another key factor when comparing electric scooters. The two most common electric battery types are lithium-ion and sealed lead-acid.

        Lithium-ion batteries are compact and charge quickly. The GOTRAX GLIDER uses lithium-ion and charges in only 3 hours.

        The GOTRAX GLIDER CADET uses a sealed lead-acid battery that junior commanders can charge overnight. And because lead-acid battery systems cost less, this electric scooter for kids is priced affordably.

        Another item to consider is how far the battery will take you. The GLIDER has a range of 9.3 miles, and the GLIDER CADET has a range of 7.4 miles. This can be especially important for your commute, or when you’re taking the whole fleet out to the neighborhood park.

        Before you set out on your next e-scooter adventure, make sure your ride has battery powerful enough to take you there and back. You don’t want to end up stuck in traffic like everyone else.


        The Right Scooter for You

        Just as electric scooters can come in many different sizes, so do humans. Some humans are large and called adults. Some humans are small and called kids. Some humans are large and also called kids. Earth can be a confusing place, but choosing an electric scooter shouldn’t be.

        The electric scooter you choose should be able to carry you and a backpack of stuff to your intended destination without falling to bits. What we’re talking about is durability. Is the electric scooter strong enough? Can it carry you? Is it light enough? Can you carry it?

        As you saw in our comparison chart, electric scooters can be heavy. If you’re on a commute, riding an electric scooter for adults, you want something light and compact that you can take inside a building or onto a train.

        Say, for instance, you’re one of the small humans referred to as a kid. An electric scooter like the GOTRAX GLIDER CADET only weighs 29 lbs, yet it can carry four times that weight.


        LED Headlight, Backlit Display

        Imagine you could know how much battery charge is left on your electric scooter. Now imagine you can see exactly how fast you’re going, as you glide through space.

        You wouldn’t want to be halfway into a commute and find out your e scooter has run out of juice. A handy battery display could tell you before you ride whether you’ll make it to your destination.

        The GOTRAX GLIDER folding electric scooter offers a battery indicator inside its backlit display. The display sits between the handlebars and tells you your current speed. It also provides useful feedback for switching gear modes.

        A backlit display can provide a critical benefit as you set out on galactic missions, but what if those missions require night hours? Do not fret, moonlit commanders, the GLIDER also comes with an LED headlight.

        An LED headlight completes the mission, allowing you to glide at night, or on the dark side of the moon, or wherever darkness overwhelms light. With a headlight on your electric scooter, you’ll be able to charge into the world, like a tiny sun gliding through the darkness of space.


        Is Your Electric Scooter Easy to Learn?

        Electric scooters should be as easy to ride as non-electric scooters. This is especially important if gridlock is looming, and you need to weave through traffic to escape. Not everyone commutes, though. Many just want to cruise the neighborhood.

        An added benefit of an electric scooter is you don’t have to keep pushing with your foot to keep gliding. There are many options that come with complicated instructions, a bag of parts to assemble, and a steep learning curve. You may prefer little to no assembly required. That way you can just hop on and glide.

        GOTRAX created the GLIDER electric scooter for adults and GLIDER CADET electric scooter for kids just for this purpose. These two electric scooters are intuitive and require little to no assembly. 

        In no time at all, you’ll be escaping black hole event horizons, racing comets, and orbiting distant unexplored planets. Fun is waiting for you just around the next nebula, so make sure you get an electric scooter that is easy to learn. To make sure you arrive in style, choose an electric scooter that resonates with the bright colors of our galaxy. 

        Are You Environmentally-Friendly?

        A crucial factor to consider in today’s world is how you are impacting the environment.

        Electric scooters are an excellent way to be eco-friendly. There are no emissions to speak of. No gas required. You are part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

        More than the primary eco-friendly benefits of going electric, you also want to make sure you’re using a scooter that has recyclable batteries. Those electric powerhouses don’t last forever. When their time has come to an end, your ecological responsibility has not. Make sure your electric vehicle batteries are recycled whenever the time comes.

        Choosing an electric scooter with recyclable batteries may not be as easy as it sounds. There are many brands to help you save the environment, but only so many that you can trust.

        Who to Trust?

        There are a lot of options when you’re searching for the best electric scooter. With so many different brands to choose from, it can feel like you’re lost in a black hole of Watts, voltage and miles.

        What you want is an electric scooter brand you can trust. But how do you know if you can trust one brand versus another? What do you look for? Find a company that makes customer service a mission. 

        Reviews from customers is the path you seek when determining who you can trust and who to avoid.

        Not only are our Amazon Reviews authentic, but most of our reviews for electric scooters are 5 stars. GOTRAX is a brand you can trust. With 5-star reviews from real people, you can be sure you’re getting the best electric scooter you can. 



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