Best Electric Scooters to Save Your Budget

Best Electric Scooters to Save Your Budget - GOTRAX

When most people make a spending plan for the year they aren't thinking of an electric scooter budget. Most people should though. Electric scooters can save you money by not having to spend money on gas, parking or expensive car repairs. Furthermore, you commute with an e-scooter won't be putting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere as you ride ahead on an electric powered motor. Electric scooters can also be a big purchase with some models reaching over $1,000.00 but GOTRAX is here to help. We have a variety models available under $500.00 so today we'll go over our favorites so you can save even more money in the long run. 

GXL V2 - $349.99 - Most Affordable

GOTRAX GXL V2 Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults
Our first electric scooter for adults is also our most affordable. The GXL V2 is built with a 250 Watt front wheel motor to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph. This e-scooter also comes with one-touch folding and only weighs 26.5lbs so it is easy to carry in case you have to go on the bus or train to get to where you need to go. The whole electric scooter is powered by 36V 5.2aH tiller battery that is kept in place once you secure the handlebar assembly. The GXL V2 is recommended for those with short commutes or if you need to make it that last mile after utilizing public transportation. 

Apex - $399.99 - Best Overall

Man riding GOTRAX Apex Electric Scooter for Adults

An improved design and our first electric scooter with the battery in the deckboard. The Apex electric scooter, which is currently on sale for $349.99, is the best overall entry level e-scooter thanks to its design, specifications and price. The main advantage the Apex has over the GXL V2 is the 250 Watt motor being in the rear wheel instead of the front. It offers better hill climbing ability and initial acceleration. The 8.5" air-filled pneumatic tires help keep your ride smooth and comfortable. Additionally, the Apex's console features a four digit odometer so you can track your miles up to 9999 miles. 

XR Ultra - $499.99 - Best Battery

Man riding GOTRAX Gray XR Ultra Foldable Electric Scooter

Just barely fitting under our $500.00 limit and our first electric scooter to feature a LG Battery. The XR Ultra electric scooter's main feature is the 36V 7.0aH Life's Good (LG) Lithium-Ion battery giving it a 16 mile max range, the best range on this list. However, this e-scooter has a bit more power behind it with a 300W motor. Although you don't need to worry, the XR Ultra features the same 8.5" air filled pneumatic tires and one-touch folding as the previous models. Your downtown rides and commutes will be much easier when you pick-up an e-scooter. 

Whichever of these wonderful electric scooters you end up choosing be sure to ride safe and don't forget to wear a helmet!

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