Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults

Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults - GOTRAX

Foldable electric scooters are most frequently utilized as a form of personal transportation. They are designed to be compact and portable, with the ability to fold down for easy storage and transport. GOTRAX's foldable e-scooters are equipped with additional features such as LED lights, a digital display, and air-filled pneumatic tires, amongst many others so it can be a little confusing trying to pick just one. Today we'll break down our top picks for best folding adult electric scooter so you can find the right one for you. 

Man riding GOTRAX Black GXL V2 Entry Level Electric Scooter for Adults

First, the GXL V2 is an affordable choice that is appropriate for commuting and recreational riding. It can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 15.5 mph. It is portable and simple to fold, making it easy to carry and store. The GXL V2 was also one of our first adult electric scooters and remains one of our most popular to this day. Our riders enjoy the lightweight build and convenience it offers them in their day to day. 

Next we have the G4. It is a commuter e-scooter that is suitable for advanced riders. It has a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 25 miles on a single charge. Built with a rear wheel motor allows the G4 to accelerate quicker than its front wheel counterparts. It can also keep a more consistent speed while tackling any inclines you have during your commute thanks to a 350 Watt rear wheel motor. Remember to utilize the integrated tiller lock for when you have to step away from your G4 for a bit. GOTRAX still recommends securing an additional lock to ensure maximum security. 

Finally, the Eclipse is our latest commuter electric scooter. This 500 Watt e-scooter is our first to feature front wheel suspension. Pairing that with 10" air-filled pneumatic shock-absorbing tires makes for one of our most comfortable, stable rides ever. Don't miss out now, the Eclipse is currently $150 off! Furthermore, this e-scooter for adults comes with dual braking for secure stops every time. This electric scooter is ideal for commuters who have a bit further to go than most and want to handle any potholes or bumps along the way. 

The ideal GOTRAX electric scooter for you will ultimately rely on your needs. Consider the scooter's top speed, range, weight capacity, durability, and any additional features that may be significant to you. Remember to ride safely and always wear a helmet, no matter which adult electric scooter you decide to ride.

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