California Businesses Excited for New E-Bike Incentives

California Businesses Excited for New E-Bike Incentives - GOTRAX

In California, a new state program called the Electric Bicycle Incentive Project looks to make e-bikes more affordable to promote sustainable commuting. This endeavor is being run by the California Air Resources Board, California Bicycle Coalition and input from Pedal ahead, a local non-profit. Laura Mcamy, from the California Bicycle Coalition had this to say, 

"Equity is really central to the program. People will not have to put the money up front. It’s not a rebate, like many of the electrical vehicle programs. In this case, you will get a point of sale voucher, so you find a qualified bike that you want to buy, you go to a qualified vendor, you ask to buy the bike and your voucher will be applied."

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If you do qualify, said voucher will be worth up to $2,000 is to be used at a California based e-bike retailer. It's to get people out of their cars and onto some e-bikes to bring down emissions. One of the many positive side-effects of this program will be an increase in demand for e-bike and micromobility infrastructure. $10 million has been set aside for the program, which is solely for people below the poverty line. This is to ensure everyone has equal access to affordable and sustainable modes of transportation.  

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