Denver's Electric Bike Rebates Gone in 20 Minutes

Denver's Electric Bike Rebates Gone in 20 Minutes - GOTRAX
Denver, Colorado recently had another round of e-bike rebates go out for the public to pick via an online portal. These rebates go from $300 for all Denver residents and up to $1,200 for income-qualified residents. However, they were only available for 20 minutes after being announced, since they were all gone by that time. The demand for e-bikes is there, the city of Denver just has to keep up with said demand. Luckily, additional rounds of rebates will be coming later this year on March 28th, May 30th, July 24th, September 26th, and November 28th.
A Woman with the GOTRAX Black Endura Step Through Electric Bike with Front Wheel Suspension

On the other hand, 46% of the rebates that were claimed last year went unused. The rebate funds did not go to waste though, if the rebate is not used within 60 days the funds will go back into the pool for future applicants. Of the 54% who did utilize their rebate to pick up an e-bike of their own lead to the purchase of over $9 million dollars in electric bikes. E-Bikes purchased thanks to this rebate program were ridden on average, 26 miles per week and replaced 3.4 car trips. This is all thanks to Denver's Climate Protection Fund, which raises $40 million dollars a year to help mitigate the cause of climate change. One of the primary drivers behind climate change being transportation emissions. Denver and other cities are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint with incentive programs, rebates and more.

Man on a GOTRAX Black EBE4 Foldable Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults with Front Wheel Suspension in front of the Rocky Mountains

We will do our part as well. GOTRAX continues to research, develop, and create new products to introduce new people to the micromobility community. We have several new products on the way, and even a few for pre-order. Now is your chance to join over 1,000,000+ riders around the country with GOTRAX. Save the dates for the e-bike rebates where you can save up to $1,200 on an e-bike of your choice. Just don't forget to wear a helmet when you start riding!

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