Exploring South Beach with the Traveling Bloggers Sebas & Espe

Exploring South Beach with the Traveling Bloggers Sebas & Espe - GOTRAX

Two Trends is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog created by Sebastian and Espe. The two met in Miami, Fl where the currently reside. They share there love of travel and style through their blog,  >http://www.twotrends.com/.

Q-Can you start by telling us a little about where you’re from?

We are both born and raised in Miami, FL. We actually met in Miami as well! Theres something about beaches and sunshine that makes living here so special. That being said we do find ourselves traveling around the world, often!

Q-What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning?

Unfortunately it is “Gotta get to emails!” We are both very busy and hard working people so when we wake up, it’s always back to the grindstone. No snooze button in our home!

Q-How long have you been working as influencers and bloggers?

We both started 6 years ago. We decided that with our rich backgrounds in architecture and journalism, we could create something that would really interest people. We love sharing our experiences with travel, fashion, and living life to the fullest.

Q-Tell us one of your favorite experiences as Influencers/Bloggers

It is so hard to choose just one! We love that this profession affords us our lifestyle. We are able to travel the world and experience a plethora of different cultures. Some of our favorite destinations to date include our trips to the beautiful country of Bali and our travels through Abu Dhabi & Dubai!

Q-Who are the heros you look up to?

Our parents. They were instrumental figures in make us into the people we are today. They were strong and successful people, always pushing us to succeed. 

Q-What inspires you?

Seeing people succeed is a huge motivation for us. Seeing people succeed in their endeavors and take on challenges really pushes us to do that for ourselves! Seeing others accomplish goals and tasks helps us see that we are just as able!

Q-Describe your daily commute

When we are jetting across the world our commute is probably similar to most people. We wake up and then head to the gym, after taking care of our morning emails and what not. Then its running errands around Miami. After those are done we head to our office and wrap up the day there before heading back home. 


Q-How has your commute changed since getting a GOTRAX scooter?

It definitely has changed. We no longer have to worry about parking and Sebas is getting significantly less parking tickets. We are consuming way less gas because we have access to an electric vehicle. We also love how it has changed the experience of our commute. Riding on a scooter is much more intimate with the city and you just experience so much more first hand.

Q-Where is your favorite place to ride your scooter?

We love cruising around Miami beach. The fresh sea breeze and warming sun make for an exhilarating ride! 

Q-What do you use your scooters for?

We mainly use them for commuting. They are small, easy to ride, and easier than fighting traffic. Even better when we’re just trying to take care of a quick errand

Q-What do you do for fun?

We are big on exercise and working out. It is important that we take care of our bodies and stay in great shape! We are also foodies. Miami has so much good food and our goal is to try everything

Q-What are your favorite things about the product?

We love how durable the scooters are. They can handle anything the road throws at them. The scooters are also very safe. Easy enough to ride and get to your destination safely.

Q-What haven’t you accomplished that you aspire to do in a lifetime?

You know, we haven’t quite figured that out yeah. It’s crazy because time hasn’t caught up to us yet!

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