First Time Electric Scooter Rider Safety Tips & Tricks

First Time Electric Scooter Rider Safety Tips & Tricks - GOTRAX

First time electric scooter owners often make avoidable mistakes when they take their first ride. Those mistakes become common place and may seem like the new norm. However, GOTRAX is here to help you avoid said mistakes to become a smart and responsible electric scooter rider. We'll give you tips and tricks on rider safety and a few functions you'll find on your GOTRAX electric scooter.

Safety Gear

Thousand Brand Stealth Black Heritage Helmet

We will start with the most important step, safety. Whether you are going two minutes or two miles away you must always wear a helmet at a minimum whenever you ride. Knee/elbow pads are the next step since they are the main points of contact should you fall while riding. People often worry about how they look when they ride or if people are judging them, but this should be ignored. Safety comes before everything else.  

Kick 2 Start

All of GOTRAX's electric scooter for adults and electric scooters for kids are kick-2-start. Which means that you must have initial acceleration before engaging the motor. For our adult e-scooters, we recommend using your non-dominant foot to push off 2-3 times then placing both feet securely on the deckboard. While you place your foot press down on the throttle and the motor will engage. 

DO NOT: Press the throttle while pushing off or the motor will not engage. 

The kids' electric scooters work in the same way. Except some models have our two-button activation system. After your child pushes off, they just have to place their second foot on the button at the rear of the deckboard to engage the motor. 

Cruise Control

GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra High-Performance Electric Scooter for Adults

Our Adult Electric Scooters and the Vibe feature a Cruise Control function. This is activated after you hold the throttle at the same speed for 10 seconds or more. All you have to do to deactivate the Cruise Control is to tap on your brake line handle. Some riders don't realize they are in Cruise Control mode which can lead to some last-minute braking so always have both hands on the handlebars at all times. 

Communicating While Riding

Often times people will ride their electric scooters together. However, traffic and other outside noise can lead to miscommunications. It is best to discuss a pre-set route ahead of time and to come to a stop if you need to talk. While headphones or hand signals could be used, they would only distract you while riding. If you need to talk with the people you are riding with wait until you come to a stop sign or come to a stop wherever safest. This helps avoid confusion and accidents while commuting. 


Man using Integrated Tiller Lock on GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra High-Performance Electric Scooter for Adults

Electric scooter and e-bike laws change state by state. We recommend checking your state and counties local laws regarding personal electric vehicles or PEVs. Start by checking their website but if no information can be found contact local officials to get the needed information regarding PEVs so that you can abide by them to avoid fines or tickets. Typically, PEVs are allowed in bike lanes and must follow standard biking laws/regulations. 

Responsible Riding

At the end of the day, it comes down to be treated as you would want to be treated when you ride. Don't run red lights or stop signs. Be respectful towards other riders, commuters, cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. This builds a positive image for PEV riders everywhere and helps promote more to start commuting in an eco-friendlier fashion. If you follow these tips & tricks, you'll be a regular electric scooter rider in no time. Remember to ride safe and don't forget that helmet!

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