French Motorcycle Federation Starts Electric Scooter Racing Series

French Motorcycle Federation Starts Electric Scooter Racing Series - GOTRAX

Superbikes and motorsports just got a wonderful electric addition. The French Motorcycle Federation (FMF) has recently started a new electric scooter racing series. The FMF may have its history steeped in combustion engines but this new series offers an opportunity for new horizons and introduces people to the sport with different options to enjoy or participate in. They have also launched an electric mountain bike racing series as well, to capture the attention of the ever growing ebike world. 

Man riding a GOTRAX GX3 Performance Electric Scooter for Adults down the road

Interestingly enough, you only need to hold a FMF license to participate and of course a decently fitted electric scooter with enough watt power to compete. Races consist of a free practice session, 30 minute qualification round, and four races of five minutes plus one lap. These races are divided into two categories, electric scooters over or under 83.7lbs (38kg) with tires no bigger than 11.8 inches (300mm). The first was held on July 16th of 2023 with the next one staged to take place from August 26th to 27th. Granted, this event is currently only at the regional level but the FMF has stated they wish to develop the series to eventually take it to a national level. 

Furthermore, it may one day be taken to an international level. GOTRAX will soon have our first performance series of electric scooters that may fair well in this series should it ever come to the U.S. We don't have any plans to sponsor a team just yet but it should provide an excellent platform to promote electric scooters to the world. Should you decide to participate in any professional scooter racing just don't forget to bring your helmet. 

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