Unboxing The GMAX Ultra: What to Expect from this High Performance Electric Scooter

Unboxing The GMAX Ultra: What to Expect from this High Performance Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

The GMAX Ultra is one of our highest performing electric scooters to date. With 45 miles per charge capacity, this model is capable of making the farthest commutes possible. 

When you receive your GMAX Ultra it will come unlatched, with the brake line attached. In the product box you will also find troubleshooting guides, set up instructions, air valve extender, 4 screws, allen wrench, warranty information and the charger. 

The first step to setting up your GMAX Ultra is to attach the console to the tiller. 

  1. Remove the valve extender, screws and allen wrench from the bag. 
  2. Find the brake line chord from both the tiller and the console. 
  3. Properly align both ends of the chord together. Ensure that the chord is connected before use. 
  4. Once connected, carefully fold the chord down into the tiller and place the bottom end of the console into the tiller’s opening. 
  5. Place each screw in their designated opening, and use the allen wrench to tighten. Important: Place screws in and tighten evenly. 

Once you’ve connected the console to the tiller you are *almost* ready to ride! Before kicking off, ensure that your brakes are functioning properly. Walk alongside your scooter and test each brake. After you’ve completed this final step you’re ready to ride! 

Using the Dual Locking System

One of the many great features included in the GMAX Ultra is the dual locking system. Not only does this e-scooter feature a traditional, in-tiller lock, but it also comes with a digital lock which can be accessed via your console. 

The GMAX Ultra will come with both locks preset for codes: 000

To create your own unique password: 

Tiller: Locate the in-tiller lock and flip the switch located above the digits from the left to right. Set your new code and flip the switch back to the left side. This will set your new code in place. 

Digital: Press the “-” button and the “Power Button” together for 10 seconds. Next use the “+” button to input the first number of your code. Once you are set on your first digit select the power button to set. Repeat this process for the following two digits. After the screen shows the 3 number code you’ve chosen, press the power button twice to unlock. 

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