Gotrax Announces Launch Into Canadian Market

Gotrax Announces Launch Into Canadian Market - GOTRAX

Denver, CO, October 5, 2021 / After many successful years saturating the US electric rideables market, GOTRAX announces they will now be shipping to Canada, a long awaited request from consumers. 

GOTRAX specializes in affordable, commuter-friendly electric rideables, offering some of the best selling electric scooters in the nation. Joining the Canadian market is part of the company’s effort to help bring more affordable, convenient and green transportation  to the world. will launch Friday, October 8th, 2021, where Canadian residents can now shop all GOTRAX products online, where users can expect the same cost effective, eco-friendly scooters and bikes loved by US customers. 


GOTRAX™ is one of the largest e-rideable manufacturers who specialize in solutions for affordable transportation, making some of the best selling Electric Scooters and bikes in the nation. Based in Dallas, TX.

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