GOTRAX New Electric Bike Series

GOTRAX New Electric Bike Series - GOTRAX

As the transportation landscape continues to expand and introduce innovative new techniques for travel, GOTRAX is prepared to step up to the plate as a major competitor in the marketplace of motion. Introducing an all new line of e-bikes, GOTRAX contends that the best electric bikes for sale are those that keep up with the evolving transportation trends in cities while continuing to meet the needs of consumers. In the twenty-first century, commuters confront a variety of options when it comes to getting from point A to point B in a pinch. Some individuals may choose to use Rideshare apps, public transportation, taxis,  or rental scooters to get around. Others rely on walking, biking, and coordinating carpools. Regardless of the method they choose, it’s clear that people are searching for a solution that simultaneously reduces the amount of time spent in cars and cuts back on emissions. As a result, we face the revolution of micro transportation, electric vehicles, and GOTRAX’s favorite: e-bikes.


E-bikes are a popular choice among travelers, because they offer a variety of unique advantages. Beginning with infrastructure, it’s clear that most cities, towns, and even rural areas are built with cyclists in mind; we have bike lanes, trails, as well as roads that accommodate the needs of bicycles. Secondly, people feel safer on e-bikes than e-scooters, because e-scooters are relatively new to the transportation revolution. Individuals riding scooters are often unclear about where they’re permitted to ride (sidewalks or streets?) and other motorists are often unsure how to navigate around scooterists. Electric bikes are also touted as a fail safe travel technique, because in the event that the battery dies, the bike can always be pedaled manually. With a bit more effort, you’ll still arrive at your destination. Finally, the best electric bikes offer riders an active way to commute to work and enjoy the great outdoors while avoiding the huffing, puffing, and perspiring associated with traditional bicycles that lack a motor. These reasons explain why so many electric bikes for sale are flying off shelves: they’ve increased in popularity and GOTRAX has responded to the demand with our revamped electric bikes collection. Read on to discover the best electric bike for you and your transportation needs.

GOTRAX’s New E-Bikes

GOTRAX Electric Bike Guide


Our most basic model is reminiscent of an old GOTRAX favorite, the Shift S1 E-bike; however, we’ve updated the more traditional edition and incorporated necessary new features that both   beginning cyclists and experts alike will celebrate. The EBE1 folds for easy storage, stowing, and portability, which means it can be discreetly tucked away in an office or save space on subways and other mixed commutes. Our new e-bike supports riders up to 265 pounds and allows individuals to ride comfortably atop two, 16-inch pneumatic tires. Powered by a 36V 7.4 AH lithium ion battery in conjunction with a 350 watt motor, you’ll travel an impressive pure electric range of 15.5 miles, reaching speeds as fast as 15 mph. With a little help on your end via pedal assistance, your range increases up to 28 miles, making this model a perfect companion for both commutes and scenic routes. Plus, our new e-bike for sale boasts an impressive IPX4 waterproof rating; it can withstand splashing from any direction and is well suited for your outdoor adventures. Our bike’s headset, complete with a throttle and brakes, now features a brand new display to keep you in the know regarding your bike’s capabilities. The display includes a speedometer, odometer, battery status reading, and headlight indicator, so you’ll feel informed and confident during your ride. At GOTRAX, we always prioritize safety, which is why our new collection features the best electric bikes yet. We’ve installed front and rear headlights, an electric horn/bell, and a dual disc braking system to ensure that your safety comes first.

EBE1 Commuter E Bike


The EBE2 is affectionately referred to as the commuter model of GOTRAX’s new e-bikes; it’s perfect for individuals who are dedicated to cycling some serious miles and traversing terrains near and far. The non-folding frame offers a sturdy base and comfortable seating, providing support for riders up to 265 pounds. Cyclists appreciate the smooth groove of their two, air-filled 26-inch tires as they’re propelled forward by a 36V 10.4 AH lithium ion battery accompanied by a 350 watt motor. Granting riders a strictly electric range of 35 miles and a pedal-assisted range up to 50 miles, the EBE2 makes travel fun and action packed, especially when reaching speeds up to 20 mph. Cyclists will love this commuter electric bike. This model earns a resistance certification of IP54, which means your new e-bike is protected from the wear and tear of dust, small particles, and splashing water from all directions. Riders will want to keep in mind that while this bike is certainly water resistant, it is not waterproof. Similarly to the model discussed above, we are excited about the new amenities and display features. With an impressive throttle and reliable brakes, this e-bike also boasts a speedometer, odometer, battery status reading, and headlight indicator. Especially important for commuters traveling before sunrise and after sunset, our safety features include front and rear headlights for improved visibility, a bell for communication with pedestrians, and a dual disc braking system to ensure you can stop on a dime.


The EBE4 represents a culmination of the best electric bike amenities: it’s the ultimate all-terrain, super compact commuter bike. The bike’s foldable frame is perfect for storage and stowing, requiring minimal space in your office, garage, or by your side during mixed commutes. While this e-bike is flexible enough to fold, its sturdy frame remains uncompromised. The EBE4 supports riders up to 265 pounds and conquers all terrains with ease thanks to a pair of 20-inch fat tires. This is GOTRAX' only fat tire electric bike Powered by a 48V 10 AH lithium ion battery paired with a 350 watt motor, riders will experience a pure electric range of 25 miles and achieve a maximum speed of 20 mph. Pedal assistance will provide riders an even further range of 50 miles, making commutes and longer leisure rides a breeze. With a resistance certification of IP54, your bike remains protected from dust, small particles, and water splashing from all directions. An important reminder for outdoor enthusiasts; your bike is water resistant but not waterproof. Like other electric bikes for sale from our new collection, the EBE4 boasts headset and display upgrades. Complete with a throttle and brakes, our display now offers riders a speedometer, odometer, battery status reading, and headlight indicator. With new and improved safety features, like front and rear headlights, an electric horn, and a dual disc braking system, you can guarantee you’ll arrive at your next destination safe and sound.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

Why Buy From GOTRAX?

GOTRAX has earned a stellar reputation for selling high quality, well-built products. In addition to excellent U.S-based customer service, we offer free shipping as well as 30-day returns and a 90-day manufacturer warranty. When it comes to buying the best electric bike  on the market, GOTRAX is your one-stop-shop.

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