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GOTRAX Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2019

GOTRAX Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2019 - GOTRAX

November is jam packed with celebrations!  After we stuff our selves in the company of our loved ones, people flood the stores for some of the best deals of the year. Black Friday is infamous for being a mad house in brick and mortar stores, people have even been trampled! GOTRAX is celebrating by having our biggest sales of the year and you can get in on the deals from the comfort of your own home. We've gone a little crazy with the deals this year!

Whats on sale?

We are running sales on the following collections:

  • Scooters: GXL V2 & GKS
  • Hoverboards: ION, SRX A6, & SRX PRO
  • E Bikes: SHIFT S1

When is the sale? 11/28-12/02

We will beginning the sale on November 28th, Thanksgiving, and will be runnning our deals until December 2nd, CRAZY RIGHT?!?!


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