GOTRAX Holiday Shipping Announcement

GOTRAX Holiday Shipping Announcement - GOTRAX

The holidays are in full swing. Presents are being wrapped and gifts ready for giving. GOTRAX has plenty of those this holiday season! Electric scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards and more are all available today. However, be sure to keep you e-rideables battery protected this winter so it will be ready to ride come spring. That all being said, for those looking to get your GOTRAX before or on December 25th you need to place your order before or on December 16th. 

Two People on a GOTRAX Blue and Silver Apex LE Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults
We stress for people to get their orders in before December 16th so they arrive on time. GOTRAX gets an exponential increase in orders around this time of the year so we do our best to notify everyone to place them as soon as they can. Now is the perfect time as well, our Holiday Sales are active right now! You can save up to $100 on electric scooters and up to $300 on e-bikes before the start of the new year.
Don't forget, December 16th is the last day you can order for your GOTRAX to arrive before or on December 25th. Your order will still ship regardless but to guarantee delivery by the 25th you must order by December 16th. 

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