GOTRAX's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Giveaway

GOTRAX's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Giveaway - GOTRAX
The biggest sales weekend of the year is right around the corner. In order to properly celebrate, we are announcing our biggest giveaway ever! Follow the simple steps below for your chance to win either a the F5 foldable e-bike, G5 commuter electric scooter or the Tundra all terrain e-bike:
  • Spend $500.00 on between 10/25- 12/1, (every additional $500.00 spent will count as one additional entry!)
  • Follow us on Instagram!
  • Leave A Review on Your GOTRAX Product!
That's it! After that, you are now eligible to win a free GOTRAX electric scooter or e-bike. Now it's time to take a deeper look at each of our eligible prizes and see if it is the right ride for you!

Winner's will be announced on social media on 12/7/23 so don't for get to follow GOTRAX


The G5 Commuter Electric Scooter

 Woman riding the GOTRAX G5 Commuter Electric Scooter with Front Wheel Suspension down a City Street.

A great way to get around your city. The G5 has become one of our most popular commuter models since debuting in 2023. This wonderful e-scooter is built with a rear wheel 500W and 48V 9.6aH battery which can take you to a top speed of 20 mph as well as up to 30 miles per charge, respectively. Additionally, the F5 comes with a digital code security lock, one touch folding, 10" air filled tires, and signature front wheel suspension for one of our most comprehensive e-scooters to date. 

The F5 Foldable Electric Bikes

The GOTRAX F5 Foldable Electric Bike on the Top of a Hill

Your luxurious, foldable ride awaits. The F5 would make a great companion on your next weekend adventure or camping trip. Mainly thanks to it's foldable frame saving space in the back of your car or trailer. However, this e-bike has so much more to offer than that, specifically the pairing of front wheel suspension and the distinct 20" x 4" tires that ensure every ride is a smooth one. The LCD digital display, dual braking, and removable battery are just a few of the other wonderful features on this e-bike. The F5 can reach up to 60 miles per charge and has a top speed of 20 mph so be to utilize this ride to its full capabilities! 

The Tundra All Terrain Electric Bikes

Person riding the GOTRAX Tundra All Terrain Electric Bike on a Dirt Trail in the Woods

The ultimate electric bike can be yours. The Tundra is most powerful electric bike ever. It is also our first e-bike to be built using a torque sensor allowing you to have even more control over your speed. On the subject of speed, the Tundra can reach up to 28 mph thanks to said torque sensor and the 750W rear wheel motor. Although, the most standout feature on this e-bike are its massive 26" x 4" pneumatic off-road tires. The Tundra is also one of our longest range rides ever thanks to a removable 48V 20aH battery that can take you up to 74 miles per charge. This e-bike is built for those looking to get a little more out of their riding experience. 

If you happen to be one of our lucky contestants we wish you the best of luck this year! Just remember, whatever it is you end up riding, be sure to ride safely and always wear a helmet!

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

The GOTRAX Black Friday Giveaway campaign starts from 2023/11/16 to 2023/11/30.

Any online customer who makes a purchase on our official website ( during the period of $500.00 or more, will be automatically entered into the lucky draw campaign. Each $500 spent will count towards a single entry into our giveaway. 

Please note: any purchases made outside of the official website are not eligible.

Giveaway winners will be picked randomly and announced on the official GOTRAX Instagram page on 2023/12/07.

Any contact initiated by individuals claiming to be winners will not affect the random result of the draw. The final winners will ONLY be determined based on the official announcement. Winners' order number and encrypted email will be posted on official GOTRAX Instagram page (

Giveaway winners will be contacted via our official email ( If the potential winner cannot be reached within 3 business days after the date of the first attempt to contact them, an alternate winner may be selected.

First prize winners will be contacted via our official email ( with a confirmation email and will automatically be credited the actual payment amount for the specific winning order (including taxes and shipping fees) within 14 days after the end of the Giveaway campaign. I.e. if a customer purchased a discounted bike or applied a discount code on his/her order, the winner would receive a credit for their actual payment (not the non-discounted original price). The winners will be credited through the original method of payment. Different payment methods are not accepted for this campaign.

Second and third prize winners will be contacted via official email ( with an address confirmation email. Prizes will be shipped out for free within 14 days after address confirmation.

GOTRAX will never ask winners to pay for any fee to redeem the Giveaway prize (including but not limited to shipping, tax, signature fee). Please double check any contact claiming to be from GOTRAX with our official pages to avoid being a victim of fraud or scams.

Any winner announcements outside of the official GOTRAX Instagram page ( are fraudulent.

First Place Prize is selected at random based on the order, not the winner.

I.e. If a customer made two orders during the campaign period, and one of his/her orders was selected as the winning order, he/she would only be credited for that specific winning order. The second order that belongs to the same customer that was not selected as the winning order will not receive credit.

Eligibility for the Lucky Draw campaign offer is limited to:

Legal residents of the 48 CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded) who are 18 years old or have reached the age of majority in their state of residence (whichever is greater) at the beginning of the Term. Purchases must be made at

GOTRAX reserves the right to immediately revoke the prize offer from anyone deemed to be ineligible or to have violated any applicable rules, including these campaign Terms and Conditions and any terms or rules on the website.

GOTRAX reserves the right to change or discontinue the campaign at any time.

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