Electric Bikes vs Electric Dirt Bikes: Which is Best for Off-Road Riding?

Electric Bikes vs Electric Dirt Bikes: Which is Best for Off-Road Riding? - GOTRAX

There’s nothing more thrilling than being able to take your bike or dirt bike off the beaten path and into uncharted territory. With so many vehicle options, however, it may be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Today, we’ll go over the unique benefits of electric bikes and electric dirt bikes respectively, highlighting some of the unique features that each vehicle can bring to your next off-road ride.

Electric Bikes

Man riding the GOTRAX Tundra All Terrain Electric Bike

When compared to traditional analog bikes, e-bikes offer a few key features that just can’t be beat. 

Adjustable Pedal Assist

Many e-bikes offer adjustable pedal assist, which helps you maintain speed as you pedal. Lower settings of pedal assist can save you battery on flatter and smoother surfaces, while higher settings help you navigate rough roads and steep hills with ease. Unlike throttle assistance, however, pedal assistance still requires some user input to move the bike. Pedal assist can even be turned off entirely for completely manual pedaling, saving battery and providing a great workout.

Step-Over versus Step-Through

E-bikes also offer two different frame types: step-over and step-thru frames. Step-over frames resemble traditional bikes, with a horizontal top tube between the handlebar and the seat of the bike. This provides the bike stability and durability, allowing them to move faster and handle rougher terrain. Step-thru e-bikes, meanwhile, lack the horizontal top tube, making them easy to get on and off. Step-thru e-bikes are convenient for errands and commutes on city streets.

Multiple Classes

E-bikes come in three different classes, all of which have different uses. Class 1 e-bikes are treated mostly like regular street and mountain bikes, except they also feature pedal assist up to 20 mph. Meanwhile, class 2 e-bikes are extremely similar to class 1 e-bikes, with one key difference: the inclusion of throttle assistance, which allows riders to reach speeds of up to 20 mph without pedaling at all. Lastly, class 3 e-bikes serve as the fastest of the e-bike options, with a max speed of 28 mph using pedal assist. Regulations surrounding throttle features in class 3 e-bikes vary, so be sure to check local laws and rules to see if and where you can ride a class 3 e-bike. The many options provided by the different classes of electric bikes ensure that there is an e-bike for everyone.

Electric Dirt Bikes

Three people coming down a trail one after another riding the GOTRAX Everest electric dirt bike with deep-tooth pneumatic tires and a 4000 watt rear wheel motor.

For the ultimate off-road experience, you need an e-dirt bike. E-dirt bikes hold a power that trumps e-bikes thanks to a few important features.

High-Power Motor

E-dirt bikes feature bigger batteries and stronger motors that blow other e-bikes out of the water. Combined with their higher top speeds, electric dirt bikes are perfect for thrilling, high-energy rides full of jumps and tricks. These higher-power electronics can also lead to e-dirt bikes having a longer range than e-bikes, depending on the model of the e-bike and whether features like pedal assist and throttle are used frequently.

Off-Road Tires

While plenty of e-bikes feature sturdy tires that can handle some travel off the beaten path, e-dirt bikes come with deep-tooth off-road tires that are capable of taking even the roughest of terrain. The tires on e-dirt bikes are designed to conquer bumps and jumps with ease, making them ideal for intense, high-energy adventures. 

What Does GOTRAX Have to Offer?

At GOTRAX, we offer a variety of electric bikes suited to off-road adventures, as well as a new lineup of electric dirt bikes. Here are some of our best options when it comes to personal electric vehicles built for all types of terrain.

Electric Bikes - The Tundra

A person riding the GOTRAX Tundra electric bike with a 750 watt motor and torque sensor.

For an off-road e-bike capable of taking you wherever you need to go, look no further than the Tundra. Your off-road journeys are sure to be smooth no matter the terrain thanks to the Tundra's front suspension, fat tires, and built-in torque sensor. Its pedal assist, throttle, and 7 speed shifter help you to customize your ride to your liking, and the extra large battery will let you go up to 74 miles per charge, allowing you plenty of range to explore. Combined with a detailed LCD display and safety features like reactive tail and headlights, your ride on a Tundra is sure to be a good one.

Electric Dirt Bikes - The Everest

A person riding the GOTRAX Everest electric dirt bike with deep-tooth off-road tires and a 53 mph max speed.

The Everest offers a supercharged experience featuring a rear wheel motor that reaches up to 8000 watts of power at peak performance. Its pneumatic off-road tires and spiral shock suspension will take you over the roughest of paths and the highest of jumps, and its 53 mph top speed ensures that each ride is exciting. In addition to the dual headlight, the Everest’s handlebar controls for safety and sound features help keep you safe during your adventure. For high-powered off-road fun, you can’t go wrong with the Everest.

Which Should You Choose?

Both e-bikes and e-dirt bikes have a lot to offer anyone who may want to ride them. When deciding which to buy, consider how it is you want to take on the outdoors. For longer adventures and use on conventional roads, an e-bike with a longer range and adjustable pedal assist like the Tundra will serve you well. For high-speed outings on wilder off-road trails, an e-dirt bike like the Everest promises an unforgettable experience. No matter which one you choose, an electric bike or dirt bike will expand your riding possibilities for the better. During GOTRAX’s Black Friday Sale, the Everest and the Tundra, alongside many of our other micro-mobility vehicles, are available at some of our best prices ever. Be sure to take advantage of these deals while you can!

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