How to Properly Use Pedal-Assist on GOTRAX E-Bikes

How to Properly Use Pedal-Assist on GOTRAX E-Bikes - GOTRAX

GOTRAX offers a wide variety of e-bikes with more models coming later this year. All of our models feature our pedal assist technology that gives your lungs and legs a break on those longer and steeper rides. Pedal assist is automatically activated when you turn on your electric bike and start pedaling. However, most people don't know how to maximize the battery life to extend the range of their electric bike. Today we will break down the recommended speed settings for specific terrain. Please note that battery charge will vary depending on total rider weight, incline, temperature and other variables. 

GOTRAX White and Black EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike

Speed Setting 1/2 or LOW

We'd even recommend turning your e-bike off for some parts of your commute. Down hills or on flat terrain will conserve the batteries charge for the steeper parts of your commute. This is wear you can take it easy and just coast using your own momentum to carry you forward. Additionally, you can sneak in a small workout if your e-bike is off and treat it like a regular bike. 

Our EBE series has 5 speed options available on the digital displays. The Alpha XL, Emerge, Endura, and Traveler all have 3 options. We want to ensure you get the most out of each ride while also avoiding complete battery drains that can affect the lifespan of your battery. 

Speed Setting 3 or MED

Slight hills and gravel/dirt paths are best at speed setting 3 or MED. You want to keep a steady amount of power on your rear wheel motor so are able to make it up that hill or if you have to cut through the part. The Alpha XL and Emerge excel in this setting thanks to their battery and motor working in tandem for powerful ride. Furthermore, they feature mountain bike tires for increased traction in an off-road setting. 

Speed Setting 4/5 or HIGH

Save this setting for only the roughest of terrains and steepest of hills. The Traveler is the perfect e-bike for this setting because of its incredible 500W Motor and top speed of 20MPH. It is also designed with a lighter-weight frame to allow for greater hill climbing ability. On top of that, it has the same 29" air-filled tire as the Alpha XL so the Traveler is ready for any kind of commute or trip you can throw at it. 

Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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