Before You Ride Guide: Electric Bikes

Before You Ride Guide: Electric Bikes - GOTRAX

A more familiar way to get around. Electric bikes are one of the fastest selling electric vehicles in the U.S., far outpacing electric car sales in 2022. While many of us have ridden a bike before, ebikes are a completely different animal. Pedal assist power can really make the difference on those morning commutes and weekend adventures. Luckily, GOTRAX is here to walk you through our latest ebikes so you'll be ready to go before you ride. 

1. Assembly

Your GOTRAX ebike will arrive 90% built so you won't have to stress too much in trying to put it together. On the other hand, the assembly will vary from model type to model type. Find your specific model type below:

F Series: You might be able to call this 95% pre-built because all you have to do is unfold your ebike and properly attach the handlebars. Don't forget about the pedals either!

CTI Series: Our city electric bikes come with one extra step on top of attaching the handlebars and pedals. You have to attach and properly secure the front tire. This part can be a bit tricky since you must also align the brake disc to the brake caliper. We will have more on brake adjustment in the steps below. 

2. Keys

All of our 2023 electric bikes feature a keyed security system on the side or underneath the frame. The key controls if you can turn your electric bike on or not so be sure to take it with you whenever you aren't riding. It also allows for a very convenient feature including an added measure of security, a removable battery. You can now just take the battery with you instead of the entire ebike to charge it. In order to remove the battery, turn your key counterclockwise to open the battery safety lock. If you are utilizing either the F1 or F2 the bike must be in the folded position to access the battery. If you would like a visual please read through your manual. Additionally, you should read through your entire manual booklet before you ride as it provides valuable information on your ride. 

3. Tires

Man sitting on a GOTRAX F2 Foldable Electric Bike

The tires on your electric bike will arrive slightly deflated. This is to help avoid punctures or popped tires during the shipping process. There are several ways to inflate your tires though so you need not worry. Most commonly you'll be using a bike pump or air compressor. Ideally, you can use a bike pump with a pressure gauge on it so you can have an accurate readout on the PSI on your tire. Proper PSI ensures smooth, comfortable riding and avoids tire pinches during riding as well as pops if the tire tube is overinflated. You can find the proper PSI for each ebike here: 

F1, F2, CTI, CTI Step Thru - 35 PSI
F5 - 20 PSI

Once you have your tires properly inflated there is just one more step and you'll be ready to ride. 

4. Brakes

This will be doubly true for our CTI ebikes. Your brakes will sometimes sound a bit squeaky upon first use. You can test this before you ride by simply moving your bike back and forth in place. If you do hear squeaking, you should adjust your brakes until they no longer squeak. In order to do so properly, you will need an hex/allen wrench set to loosen the brake caliper.

Once loosened enough, you will be able to reposition the brake caliper until the brake pads are no longer touching the brake disc. This is the most common issue with squeaky brakes and is quite easy to resolve. 

5. Pedal Assist

Now you are ready to ride. It may take time to get used to the pedal assist technology on your electric bike so take your time with it. It is imperative that you go at your own pace. Start with level 1 and slowly progress as you get comfortable with each setting. Throughout your ride you may use multiple speed settings or even go throttle only. Furthermore, don't leave your helmet at home. Whether you are riding for 5 minutes of 5 miles, always wear your helmet!

6. After You Ride

Man walking onto a train with a GOTRAX F1 Foldable Electric Bike

Congratulations on taking the first ride on your GOTRAX electric bike. Be sure to shut down your ebike when not in use to conserve battery life. If you went pretty far, remove your battery and charge it. Taking care of your ebike battery is one of the best ways to avoid issues with your ride. One simple trick is keeping your battery charged between 20-85%. This is a healthy level that protects the battery from a full discharge or overcharging. Next, check your tires and brakes for any deflation or damages. You never know what all you ran over during your ride. Finally, welcome to the club! You have joined thousands of GOTRAX ebike riders and millions of ebike riders worldwide. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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