Taking Care of Your Ebike Battery

Taking Care of Your Ebike Battery - GOTRAX

Your ebike relies on one main thing to power everything from the motor to its LED digital display, the battery, so it's important you do everything you can to take care of it. Replacements can get expensive and you want to avoid as many problems as possibly. Follow the below steps in order to properly take care of your ebike battery so you can enjoy each ride you take to the fullest. 

Manage Ebike Charge Level

GOTRAX's ebikes come with lithium-ion batteries rated for up to 1000 charge cycles. That means you can charge your battery from 0 to 100 percent, 1000 times. Additionally, if you use only 25% of your batteries charge and then plug it in to charge that would only count as 1/4 of a charge cycle. You'd have to do it three more times at the level for it to count as a whole cycle. In order to maximize these cycles, it is important to not overcharge or overly discharge the battery. This is done by keeping your battery charged between 20-90% regularly. You can avoid overcharging by setting a timer on your smartphone an hour or two after plugging it in. GOTRAX F5 Electric Bike Battery

Not only does this help increase the lifespan of your battery but it promotes proper charging practices. Charging after your battery reaches 100% and hitting absolute zero puts unneeded stress on your battery so avoid a full charge/full discharge as often as you can. Finally, be sure to take the battery out of the bike every month or so to inspect it. GOTRAX's F-Series and CTI Series ebikes all feature a easy to remove battery for your charging convenience. 

Proper Ebike Storage

Sadly, you can't ride your electric bicycle 24/7 and will have to hop off it eventually. When you do, it is imperative to store it in a cool, dry space ideally between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Our removable batteries make this a bit easier to manage since you can just take the battery with you most places and not have to take the entire ebike with you. We also don't recommend leaving your electric bike in your car, especially in direct sunlight. The temperature can drastically increase in less than an hour under said conditions so take your battery with you when you can. 

Furthermore, avoid moisture whenever possible. All GOTRAX electric bikes come with an IPX4 rating or higher so they can handle light splashing and rain but it is best to avoid downpours as well as large storms. This also includes when your ebike is not in use. Dry and moderately warm temperatures are best. 

Limit Throttle Only Use

Throttle only will reduce the total range you can get on a single charge and puts more of a workload on the battery along with the motor. Our pedal assist technology exists for a reason, so please utilize as often as you can. We're not saying never use throttle only, it is an incredibly fun, fast way to get around but you'll never get the same range as someone who uses the pedal assist. Ride responsibly, manage your battery and how you use it. That is all there is to it. 

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