Troubleshooting Your GOTRAX Electric Ride

Troubleshooting Your GOTRAX Electric Ride - GOTRAX

The Complete Guide to Your GOTRAX Electric Ride

This guide acts as a resource for GOTRAX users looking for a fast and efficient way to check out any walkthroughs and tutorials for their new electric ride, as well as troubleshoot possible error codes that may occur on their Electric Scooter or Electric Bike. Find your product type below and click one of the links to be directed to a page or video for assistance or troubleshooting. 

Electric Scooters


Check Out a Full List of Electric Scooter Error Codes [Here]

Find Our Guide to Kick-to-Start for Electric Scooters [Here] 

Learn How to Change your Electric Scooter’s Brakes [Here]


Electric Bikes


Find a Full List of Electric Bike Error Codes [Here]

Learn How to Adjust Your Electric Bike's Brakes [Here]

Read How to Fold Your Folding Electric Bike [Here]




Learn More About Troubleshooting Your Hoverboard [Here]

Find Our Walkthrough for New Hoverboard Riders [Here]

Watch Our Hoverboard Recalibration Guide [Here]


Other Resources


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