How to Use Kick-To-Start on Electric Scooters

Kick to Start is an all too common feature on GOTRAX electric scooters. Should your electric scooter have this feature it takes just a few simple steps to learn and will save you a lot of headaches when trying to get your escooter to go. This can take a few tries to get you used to so be patient and remember a lot of people have been in the same situation. Let's learn how to kick to start your electric scooter.

Woman about to ride a GOTRAX Apex Casual Electric Scooter for Adults

First, consult your electric scooters manual to see if it has a kick to start function. Most GOTRAX escooters come with this installed but we have a few select models that do not so no harm in double checking the manual. You'll next want to ensure your electric scooter is functioning properly before you ride. You want to have at least the minimum amount of recommended charge on your battery, between 25-30%. Then, you need to properly position yourself on your escooter. Find a good balance on the deckboard until you are ready for the initial push. Now you are ready to kick off.

Using whichever foot you have on the ground, give the electric scooter a gentle push forward to build momentum like you are on a normal kick scooter. Finally, you need to press the throttle. Don't hold the throttle as you push or the motor won't engage, only press the throttle after you reach a speed of between 2-3 mph. Once you are done getting your motor going get your foot into a comfortable position then focus on using the handlebars and throttle to control your ride. That is all there is to it! 

The kick to start feature helps you save battery life and get more out of each ride on your electric scooter. While this isn't a definitive guide to your electric scooter it will help you in the long run to avoid issues when you try to get on your ride every morning. Just remember to ride safely, responsibly and with a helmet. 

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